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April Showers

Skif 100% cotton cardigan with asymmetric buttons. Over Mama b 100% cotton dress.
Dramatic heat-set-pleated jacket over striped pleated vest and straight-leg pants. Over Motion mesh tee.
Striped heat-set-pleated vest and straight-leg pants, over Motion mesh tee.
Elemente Clemente pinstripe indigo linen blouse and pant, with Catherine Andre knit shawl.
Motion boxy crop jacket over Grizas linen trousers. Paired with Catherine Andre knit shawl.
Catherine Andre knit shawl.
Heat-set pleated tunic over pleated straight-leg pants.
Mama B dotted tee with Motion bubble pant in bamboo.
Mama b 100% cotton summer dress.
Mes Soeurs et Moi striped 100% cotton blouse, with Elemente Clemente wide-leg trouser in technical fabric.

Touch and Feel

Heat-set pleated jacket over Grizas silk and linen blend shirt. Over Grizas 100% linen pants.
Grizas silk-linen ensemble in pearl grey, collared jacket and sleeveless dress.
Grizas silk-linen dress in pearl grey.
Grizas silk-linen ensemble, blouse and skirt in pearl grey.
Heat-set pleated jacket with squiggle applique. Over heat-set pleated wide crop pants.
Heat-set pleated tunic in navy and black. Over Heat-set pleated pant.
Elemente Clemente 100% linen summer dress. Indigo-dyed with a burnout design.
Detail. Elemente Clemente burnout indigo print.
Motion long pleated dress under a 100% linen coat by Grizas.


Sweater Splendour

Multi-colour, multi-pocket Skif sweater over Motion pocketed pant in black.
Skif pastel pullover with Flax 100% linen white tank, over Flax floods in coal colour.
Skif sweater over Motion pucker tee and Vespa pants in Bali blue
Skif sweater over Oska chambray denim trousers.
Skif sweater open back detail.
Skif sweater over Oska tank in technical knit. Paired with Grizas linen trousers.


Indigene is a pair of young women from Delhi who design beautiful conscious-clothing using the traditional textile arts and dedicated craftsmanship of India. These pieces have passed through many skilled hands to come to us at Motion, and you can see the care in the batik dyeing, handstitching, and rich colours. They believe in comfort over trends, and sustainability over waste.

Indigene reversible coat and 100% cotton Ikat dress.
Indigene reversible coat and 100% cotton Ikat dress.
Indigene reversible batik jacket with Oska white tee and Vespa pants in black.
Indigene reversible batik jacket with Oska white tee. Paired with Elemente Clemente navy linen pants with a subtle vertical stripe.
indigene reversible jacket, batik fabrics.
Indigene shirt-jacket with hand-stitched pattern. 100% cotton. Paired with Grizas silk-linen top and wide linen pants in textured weave.
Indigene hand-stitched fabric detail.
Grizas hi-lo jacket in textured weave, over Grizas wide pants with tapered ankle. 100% linen. Paired with Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarf.
Grizas jacket and dress in textured 100% linen weave.
Grizas textured linen weave.

Bright Blooms

Fresh flower necklaces in rubber and wire.
Rubber Rainbow necklace.
Rubber ring necklaces.
Rubber ring pendants.
Rubber necklaces with poured latex dots in many colours.
Rubber necklaces with poured latex dots in many colours.
Rubber necklaces with poured latex dots in many colours.

Busy B

Mama B, an Italian vision. Relaxed, refreshing knits in simple, falling cuts.

Mama B knit dress in cotton-stretch.
Mama B hemp knit cropped cardigan. Also available in cobalt blue.
Mama B dotted sleeveless tunic.
Mama B dotted hi-low top and Mama B dotted shift dress.