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Blue story

Skif sweater with Elemente Clemente pinstripe skirt.
Motion linen/cotton top with a striped Motion pant.
Skif reversible sweater over Motion top and Oska pants.
Reverse side of Skif sweater.
Motion crushed pinstripe jacket.
Skif sweater over Motion asymetric shirt, Oska pants.
Elemente Clemente top with Griza skirt.

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard is a Parisian designer extraordinaire.  Fibers made and dyed to her specifications are then hand crocheted, knitted and embroidered into unique works of art. Her sense of colour and pattern is ever evolving and is reminiscent of classical painters such as Gustav Klimt. Full of texture these scarves are truly wearable art.

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May spirit

URU tops and skirt.
URU silk shirt with MSEM linen gaucho pants.
Elemente Clemente top and pants, with Grizas scarf.
Oska 100% cotton shirt and pants, with Catherine Andre scarf.
Black Label shirt and jacket, Motion tank.
Back detail.
Oska dress, merino glass necklace.
Oska top, Elemente Clemente pants.
Elemente Clemente top and pants.
Cotton Oska dress.
Oska cotton jacket.
Oska cotton stripe shirt.


Grizas designs feature contemporary, effortless fashion pieces with an artistic touch. Each garment is carefully developed from the first idea to the exceptional attention to detail by talented and passionate designer team. The aim is to give women the confidence in their clothes and inspire them to feel free and exceptional.

Comfortable fits, unusual layering with elongated silhouettes and relaxed laid-back shapes characterise Grizas style. The image is clean and independent, but distinguishes by hand-painted art prints and authentic textures.

Grizas top and dress.
Back detail.
Grizas top and skirt.
Grizas top and skirt.
Grizas top and pants.
Textures up close.
Grizas top over a Motion dress.
Grizas dress.


A bit of inspiration

Mycra Pac coat with Hudson pant and a linen hand crochet Sophie Digard scarf.
Mycra Pac coat, Vespa pant, and Catherine André scarf.
100% cotton Moyuru dress.
The back of Moyuru dress.
Mama B dress and knit sweater.
SKIF sweater over a Motion top and Mes Soeur et Moi pants.
Mes Soeur et Moi cotton blend mesh top over a Motion tank and Vespa pants.
Colour options of the Mes Soeur et Moi mesh top.
Catherine André jacket, top and skirt.

Blue tulle dress

Perfect for the up coming events, this fully lined cotton tulle dress is a dream come true. Wear it with a string of pearls for a clean classic look or make it more relaxed with a patterned jacket and a statement necklace.

Cotton tulle dress.
Cotton tulle dress with Catherine André jacket.