Mama B

Cozy knits and refreshing cottons from Mama B have arrived. From fabric to finish, Made in Italy

Mama B cozy knit cardigan. Also available in black and red.
Mama B cotton-stretch a-line dress.
Mama B wide-neck 100% cotton top. Also available in black and teal-grey
Mama B wide neck 100% cotton top. Also available in  cobalt blue and teal-grey.
Mama B stretch-cotton overall jumper.
Mama B cozy knit top with band
Mama B cozy knit cardigan. Also available in black and  cobalt blue.
Mama B cozy knit oversize top. Also available in red and cobalt blue.


Black Label

Rundholz Dip garment-dyed dress. 100% cotton.
Black Label jacket and skirt in embossed nylon, paired with Rundholz Dip 100% cotton mesh scarf with lace flowers.
Black Label dotted mesh jacket and Motion mesh tee, over Black Label skirt in viscose-poly stretch.
Black Label dress in a small houndstooth print.
Rundholz Dip twill jacket over Motion slit tunic, with Rundholz Dip cropped pants.
Rundholz dip dress and mesh shirt with appliqué flowers. 100% cotton.
Rundholz Dip appliqué flowers on mesh
Black Label short sweater over stretch cotton dress with big white dots.
Black Label sweater and drop-rise pants in 100% cotton French Terry.


Love, Motion

Thinking of you on these winter days.

Skif printed sweater and Motion swing tunic in a textured knit, over Motion striped belle skirt.
Flax linen blouse and tee in Lipstick over white floods.
Flax linen top in Mushroom and slit skirt in Lipstick.
Cynthia Ashby dress, printed with a lace stencil.

Catherine Andre

We welcome a new season from the illustrious French designer, Catherine Andre. Her knitwear is admired for its intricacy of texture and colour. Her pieces are works of storytelling in fabric.

Catherine, a perpetual wanderer, has brought us a collection inspired by uncharted islands. Paradise wrapped in mangroves in the middle of the sea. Patterns of fronds and flowers in the colours of a tropical garden.

Catherine Andre floral cardigan in an egyptian cotton blend, over a 100% cotton batik-printed tee. Paired with a Catherine Andre trumpet skirt.
Catherine Andre knit cardigan and batik-printed tee over Oska trousers in technical fabric.
Catherine Andre striped cardigan and sweater in a blend of egyptian cotton, over Catherine Andre knit pants.
Catherine Andre knit cardigan in an egyptian cotton blend over Catherine Andre vest and trumpet skirt.
Catherine Andre reversible cardigan and skirt. Paired with a knit tee in many colours.

Neeru Kumar Scarves

Neeru Kumar is a renowned Indian textile designer, known for her lush fabrics and revival of traditional textile arts. Her work is recognizable by its rich colours and sophisticated weaving.

This new collection uses colourful silks and cottons woven in exciting new patterns. Enjoy.

– 1 –
100% silk, shibori resist-dyed scarf.
– 2 –
100% silk, reversible design.
– 3 –
100% silk, reversible design.
– 4 –
100% silk, reversible design.
– 5 –
100% silk, reversible design.
– 6 –
100% silk, reversible design.
– 7 –
Indigo-dyed, 100% cotton
– 8 –
100% silk
– 9 –
Indigo-dyed, 100% cotton
– 10 –
100% silk
– 11 –
Indigo-dyed 100% cotton
– 12 –
100% silk
-13 –
100% silk, reversible design.
– 14 –
100% silk, reversible design.