Mama B cozy fabric is back again this season. Some new styles and old favourites.

Mama B. onesize cowl top and low rise pant in cozy fabric.
Mama B. cropped top and low rise pant in cozy fabric.
Mama B asymmetric sweater.
Mama B reverse cardigan.
Mama B velour dress
Mama B cropped top
Mama B shaped top in cozy fabric.
Mama B. cozy cardigan.

Finishing Touches

Felt necklace.
Fun felt necklaces.
Fun felt necklaces.
Sobral necklace
Sobral necklace.
Sobral necklaces
Sobral pendant.
Crochet metal necklace with stones and pearls.
Stone pendants.
Stone necklaces.
Long stone necklace.
Pose-able stone necklace.
Black Label cowl.
Black Label cowl.
Black Label arm warmers.
Black Label arm warmers.
Black Label arm warmers.
Black Label arm warmers.


Print Party

Skif cropped cardy over Motion v neck tee and olive bubble pants
Screened Skif sweater with Black Label pant
Skif screened sweater over Elemente Clemente dress
Miyake Cauliflower dress.
Motion tunic with tiered boiled wool hem over Motion corduroy pant. Paired with Sobral pendant.

Trick or Treat

Catherine Andre reversible sweater and skirt with Miyake Pleats Please top.
Oska 100% virgin wool topper over Elemente Clemente super long pant in organic cotton.
Motion onesize cowl and heather pant paired with Sophie Digard merino and velvet crochet scarf.
Motion 100% cotton turtleneck over Motion Tulip pant in grape.
Elemente Clemente boiled wool dress over a Motion 100% cotton mesh tee.

Sophie Digard Scarves

Sophie Digard is an acclaimed Parisian textile artist. Hand-dyed merino wool thread is meticulously crocheted, knitted and embroidered by artisans in Madagascar. Her beautiful harmony of color and pattern creates truly wearable art. This season she has artfully incorporated velvet and openwork in her creations. Enjoy.

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Layers and Layers

Mycra Pak raincoat and Motion pocketed pant with Sophie Digard hand-crocheted scarf.
Mama B striped top over Oska brushed cotton pant.
Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarves.
Black Label cotton mesh shirt over Motion top and pant in parachute rayon.
Moyuru reversible wool sweater over Elemente Clemente boiled wool pant.
Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarves.
Motion plaid dress paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi superkid mohair cardigan.
Motion gathered-back plaid dress. Bias detail.
Mes Soeurs et Moi sweater and reversible scarf, over Motion parachute rayon top and Vespa pant in new color, slate pinstripe.
Motion crushed jacket over Oska long-sleeved top and Elemente Clemente boiled wool pants. Featuring a new necklace by Sobral.
Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarves.
Mama B cozy sweater over Motion mesh top and heather pants.
Motion padded vest and supima cotton shirt with Oska denim pants and Tamaki Niime scarf.
Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarves.