Mama B

All ready for warm weather. Knit sweaters and cotton dresses in cool, calm tones. Including more pieces in our favorite, soft, cozy knit.

Mama B cotton-stretch jumper in slate grey.
Mama B cozy knit top with pockets.
Mama B reversible button cardi in cozy knit, front.
Mama B reversible button cardi in cozy knit, button back.
Mama B cozy knit boxy top in off-white.
Mama B modal-silk summer scarves and Mama B cozy top with pockets. Over Mama B speckled cotton-stretch knit pants
Mama B cozy knit boxy top in blue.
Mama B belted cotton-knit jacket over Mama B puckered short sleeve dress.
Mama B gathered-front dress.

Black Label

Black Label cropped sweater and Black Label big shirt in ultramarine. Over Vespa pant in marine blue.
Black Label ultramarine sweater, over Black Label drop-rise knit pants. With Bunzaburo hand-dyed silk necklace.
Black Label cropped sweater in dark grey, over Black Label short-sleeve bubble dress in technical stretch.
Black Label mixed denim-knit dress.
Skif screen-printed sweater over Black Label mixed denim-knit drop-rise pants.
Skif silver-print cropped sweater over Black Label garment-dyed sleeveless dress.
Black Label super-light printed raincoat, over Black Label garment-dyed dress.
Black Label oversize sweatshirt, over Vespa pant in army green.

Catherine Andre

Summer light filtering through the windows of a country house. A garden of iris and brilliant snapdragons in warm wind. A bit of warmth and nostalgia this season from amazing knitwear artist Catherine Andre.

Catherine Andre jacket-sweater over Catherine Andre printed tee. With Catherine Andre knit skirt.
Catherine Andre multicolour shawl and turquoise cardigan. Over Motion 100% cotton mesh tee and Oska lyocell-linen blend trousers.
Catherine Andre tangerine cardigan over Motion cotton-linen crop tee. Over Oska lyocell-linen blend trousers.

Knit Knit

New to Motion, KnitKnit is an experimental Italian knitwear company, specializing in bold textures and brilliant colours. Unique design and high quality define all the pieces from this collection. Beautiful, cotton-stretch knits.

KnitKnit colour-spot pullover over Oska pin-striped trousers.
KnitKnit spotted sweater in neutral and black, over Oska pinstripe wrinkled trousers.
KnitKnit striped pullover over Oska knit trousers.
Skif sweater in a blue blend over Oska cuffed jeans.
KnitKnit bubble cardigan in navy and cobalt, over Motion linen knit tee and Oska cropped denim pants.



A serene spring collection from Oska has arrived. Beautiful raincoats in stone greens, cotton blend trousers, new denims and knits. Comfortable, classic, and beautiful.

Oska hooded raincoat over Oska printed sleeveless blouse and Oska twill trousers.
Oska hooded raincoat, back detail.
Oska grey knit pullover.
Oska grey knit sweater vest.
Oska wrinkle pinstripe dress.
Oska printed raincoat.
Oska pinstripe trousers.
Oska cuffed denim trousers.
Oska cuffed denim pants, pocket detail.


Motion printed check two-pocket top. More colours in store. Over Flax wide-leg white pants.
Motion 100% cotton mesh tees, with Neeru Kumar 100% silk shawl.
Motion cotton-linen border top over Motion check crop darted pants.
Motion check shirt. More colours in store. Over Motion crinkle jumper.
Motion 100% cotton mesh tees, with Bunzaburo hand-dyed 100% silk scarf.
Motion 100% cotton mesh tees, with Tamaki Niime 100% cotton shawl.