Cynthia Ashby

Cynthia Ashby is for the person who does not subscribe to fashion trends. Perpetual treasure hunters and collectors  will discover infinite choices for their wardrobe. The clothing is made from quality fabrics in assorted textures and weights. Each piece is garment dyed, which creates a quality of uncommon depth and texture. The effect is modern yet timeless, natural yet edgy – pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Cynthia Ashby jacket/dress with a silk scarf.
Cynthia Ashby dress.
Cynthia Ashby dress with Catherine André scarf.
Cynthia Ashby jacket and pant.

More newness

Black label 2way zipper cotton knit jacket over Oska tank top and Black Label cotton stretch skirt.
Motion linen sleeveless dress with light weight crinkle blend jacket.
Skif silk screened sweater over a mesh t shirt and Mes Soeurs et Moi linen and cotton blend pants.
Mes Soeurs et Moi poncho over Black Label shaped t-shirt and Flax striped pants.

First April colours

Mes Soeurs et Moi cotton print tunic with a linen blend cropped sweater over top. Flax cropped linen pants.
Mes Soeurs et Moi cotton/poly check top over Oska cotton pants.
Indigene cotton jacket with Neeru Kumar silk scarf and Vespa pants
Indigene stitched cotton jacket over Mes Soeurs Et Moi knit sweater and linen/cotton blend pant.
Detail of stitching.
Motion striped cotton/linen knit t shirt with linen border. Mes Soeurs et Moi cropped linen/cotton pants.


Indigene jacket with Motion cotton/linen top and Vespa pants.
Hand-made stitching detail.

A wave of blue

Spring shipments bring colour to the store, one of them being a selection of beautiful blues from Indigene, a conscious clothing label from Delhi. Indigene translates traditional handcrafting techniques into contemporary aesthetics and styling. It lends a new perspective to that which is “made by hand” and turns it into a larger, yet deeply personal, statement. Indigene clothing is simple, modest yet stylish, keeping the essence of handcraft and fine detailing together, appealing to anyone who is experimental, creative and not bound by social norms and brackets.

An Indigene reversible jacket over a cotton and linen blend Motion top and Flax floods pants.
An Indigene jacket shown with an alternative front.
An Indigene button up top paired with Elemente Clemente denim.
Hand stitched detail of Indigene.
An ombre Indigene jacket styled over a Mama b dress.
A tunic and a jacket from Indigene with a classic Black Label pant.
An cotton Indigene jacket with a timeless Flax top and pants.
Stitching and bias details of the Indigene jacket.
An Indigene dress with a double sided Neeru Kumar scarf.

Ready for Spring

A Black Label cotton top with a Moyuru vest and a cotton Motion pant.
An Issey Miyake jacket worn over an Oska tank and Black Label pants.
A reversible silk-screened sweater from Skif is paired with a patterned pant from Black Label.
A shot of colour from another new Skif sweater paired with an Oska pant.
A cotton Oska cardigan with a Black Label top and an Oska pant.
A Skif sweater worn over a textured Motion jumper in a cotton/linen/rayon blend.
A reversible 100% cotton jacket by Indigene with Oska pants.
The inner side of the Indigene jacket.