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Sale Along

Elemente Clemente boiled wool top in hot pink, over Neirami corduroy trousers.
Elemente Clemente boiled wool topper and Elemente Clemente plaid wide-leg trousers.
Mama B cozy hi-low tunic over Motion bubble pant in black-brown stripe.
Elemente Clemente boiled wool collarless jacket, over Elemente Clemente boucle wool a-line top. With Elemente Clemente brushed cotton printed pants.
Elemente Clemente boiled wool dress.
Elemente Clemente plaid cowl topper over Mama B drop-rise pants in cozy knit.
Oska puffer jacket over Flax 100% cotton tee. Paired with Elemente Clemente light grey boiled wool trousers.
Flax 100% cotton long-sleeve tees. Buy one get one free (of equal or lesser value)
Flax 100% cotton long-sleeve tees. Buy one get one free (of equal or lesser value)
Neirami houndstooth cocoon coat, over Motion scarlet knit tunic. With Black Label drop-rise culottes in brushed cotton.
Black Label white blouse with Elemente Clemente brushed cotton vest. Over Moyuru wide-leg trousers in suiting fabric.

Before Midnight

A surprise shipment from Japan of beautiful Tamaki Niime pieces.

Motion 100% cotton mesh tee with Skif multicolour cardigan, over Tamaki Niime drop-rise culottes. Paired with small Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarf.
Tamaki Niime tie-dye cotton tee with Tamaki Niime drop-rise denim pants in charcoal grey. Paired with Tamaki Niime 100% cotton shawl.
Tamaki Niime 100% cotton tee over Tamaki Niime 100% cotton drop-rise culottes. Paired with Tamaki Niime reversible cotton shawl.
Tamaki Niime 100% cotton tee over Tamaki Niime 100% cotton skirt with pockets. Paired with Bunzaburo hand-dyed shibori scarf.

Selected Sale

Catherine Andre knit wooden blanket coat, over Mes Soeurs et Moi mauve wool pullover. Paired with Catherine Andre long wool pencil skirt.
Mama B tangerine topper in cozy knit fabric. Over Motion four-pocket dress in brown memory fabric.
Patterned pleated top over Motion brocade doubleknit skirt.
Neirami long knit tunic over Black Label knit bubble skirt.
Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover, with Oska virgin wool drawstring pants.
Mama B corduroy boxy jacket over Flax 100% cotton tee. With Elemente Clemente trousers in suiting wool.
Motion fleecy cowl tunic over Mama B plaid flannel pants.

A bit of B

Beautiful, cozy, comfortable new arrivals from Mama B. Soft fabrics and easy styles, made in Italy.

Mama B gathered dot dress in black.
Mama B tucked overall skirt. Also available in blue.
Mama B drop-rise knit pants.
Mama B gather dot dress in blue-grey.
Mama B patch-pocket knit dress
Mama B dotted skirt.
Mama B cozy pullover and striped skirt in cozy knit.
Mama B hi-low tunic in cozy knit.


Shibori is the Japanese art of resist-dyeing. Material, traditionally silk, is bound with thread, dyed, then heat set to create striking effects.

Bunzaburo is a third generation shibori workshop in Kyoto.  Each piece by them is a demonstration of meticulous craft and a unique work of art.  Still photographs barely begin to represent the lively dance of these pieces.

Bunzaburo hand-dyed multitone silk scarf


Bunzaburo hand-dyed silk collar.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed silk collars.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed rainbow silk scarf.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed multitone silk scarves.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed handbag.
Hand-dyed silk scarf over Grizas linen-silk dress.
Bunzaburu hand-dyed silk scarf.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed silk scarf over pleated top and pants.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed silk scarves.
Bunzaburo hand-dyed collar.