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Denim Looks and Summer Linen

Flax linen denim jacket over black label cotton tunic. Tamaki Niime scarf
Black label cotton tunic over low rise cotton stretch pants. Tamaki Niime scarf
OSKA bias linen tee over white Vespa pants
New Tamaki Niime cotton scarves
OSKA bias linen top in slate grey.
Flax crushed dress with knit sleeves and papery green necklace
New Tamaki Niime cotton scarves
Skif sweater over flax sleeveless linen tank and Mes Souer et Moi hanky cotton pants
Linen top with drawstring sleeves by Flax
Linen top with drawstring sleeves over natural floods by Flax. Wooden necklace
Crushed Flax tee over ash Vespa pants with a 100% cotton scarf
New Tamaki Niime cotton scarves
Rose square-neck dress from Flax with a wooden necklace
Flax sleeveless denim dress with wooden necklace.
New Tamaki Niime cotton scarves
Cynthia Ashby jersey dress under a denim shirt from Flax, with a wooden necklace
Flax a-line denim dress with papery necklace

Earth Tones

Printed Skif over Flax dress and grey cross-back jumper
Reverse detail of printed Skif sweater
Reverse detail of cross-back jumper
Motion crushed dress in geometric print
Skif cropped pullover with colorful pockets
Granite skif sweater with pockets
Organic cotton draped back dress
White Skif sweater with colorful pockets
Motion Birds of Paradise dress. 100% Cotton

Cool Summer

Skif sweater over Griza cotton/linen sleeveless tunic and skirt
Navy pleated jacket with black label cotton tee and Moyuru pants
100% cotton dress sleeveless dress
Motion cotton seersucker top with striped bubble pants in rayon made of bamboo.
Back view with asymmetric button detail
Motion cotton blend pucker top with Moyuru cotton stripe pants
Yellow Skif sweater over Oska bias cut linen tank Mes souer et Moi cotton pants
Abstract pleated boat neck top and navy wide pleated pant
Skif cotton blend cardigan over short sleeve black label cotton tee and Motion bamboo rayon bubble pants

Black and White

Flax jacket and pants with Cynthia Ashby sleeveless dress.
Heat-set pleated top and pants.
Black label cutaway jacket over Motion 100% cotton dress.
Dotted cotton voile and jersey combo top over pinstripe pocketed pant.

Spring grace

Motion pant with pleated top.
Cotton blend dress.
Mes Soeurs et Moi textured top and Grizas pants.
100% cotton Moyuru dress.
100% cotton Moyuru dress.
Mes Soeurs et Moi linen jacket with Motion dress.
Elemente Clemente printed top and pants.
Flax striped linen dress and jacket.
Mes Soeurs et Moi dress and Catherine Andre jacket.
Available colours of Mes Soeurs et Moi dress.
100% cotton dress with pockets.
Cotton blend top with Flax linen pants and Black Label scarf.
Motion tucked dress with shrug.
Flax linen jacket, top and pants.

May colours

Motion top, Elemente Clemente pants.
Motion cotton/linen dress, cotton scarf.
Motion rayon top with smocked sides, Oska linen pants.
100% cotton Moyuru dress. (Also available in a navy pattern.)
Motion rayon dress with pockets.
Moyuru pants with Motion rayon/nylon top.
Moyuru dress.
Moyuru cotton top with Elemente Clemente linen pants.
Elemente Clemente linen top with Issey Miyake Cauliflower pants.
Moyuru pants with Mes Soeur et Moi mesh tops.
Elemente Clemente top with Vespa pants.
Lined Motion dress with pockets.
Elemente Clemente linen top and pants.
Motion viscose dress with Black Label scarf.