time for a change ( of season )

Arrivals are picking up speed.  Chaos ensues.  Not all out of boxes by any means, but for the early birds there is a selection of Oska, a little Elemente Clemente, Catherine André ( oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous!! ) and Motion own cotton linen t’s. Stay tuned for updates and more pictures but for now here are a couple of Oska images.

Oska Rommy
Oska Dress Ribanna
Oska Dress Rita

a rose is a rose is a … SALE

This is the season of final markdowns.   Like the bloom.  These days are sweet but short.

The pieces in this post, represent the kinds of things on sale were you to come stroll through our garden of earthly delights.  Selection is limited.  The sale will end when transitional collections and first Fall arrivals finally overgrow the sale racks.

digital rose
Digital Rose
Cauliflower by Issey Miyake
issey ss 16 1
Pleats Please by Issey Miyake
Flax top. Mes Souers et Moi pant
Elemente Clemente
Black Label by Studio Rundholz jacket and white top. Caulifower by Issey Miyake pant
Skirt by Dip by Studio Rundholz
Two piece knit tunic and Oska knit skirt
Elemente Clemente ensemble