Oh Oska!


1 – Oska oversized cotton shirt with blue denim pants.
2 – Close up of Oska denim pants featuring their classic rounded  leg and seam detailing.
3 – Tamaki Niime cotton shirt with complementary wool blend scarf and Moyuru black denim pant.
4 – Tamaki Niime cotton t-shirt with Neirami striped cozy cardigan paired with Oska denim pant.
5 – Tamaki Niime woven cotton reversible shirt, with a second  Oska denim pant for Spring 2022.  This narrower pant features knee darts and slash pockets.
6 – Close up of  Oska tapered blue denim pant with knee darts and slash pockets.
7 – Kopka boiled wool beret with Tamaki Niime scarf.
8 – Kopka  boiled wool beret with Tamaki Niime scarf.
9 – Tamaki Niime ensemble,  wool blend sweater over cotton t-shirt paired with reversible cotton drop rise pants.


10 – Neirami two tone cozy dress.
11 – Oska navy dress and pant in technical fabric.
12 – Close up of Oska technical dress.
13 – Close up of Oska technical pant.
14 – A selection of small 100% cotton Tamaki Niime scarves for a colour boost.
15 – Kopka boiled wool beret with Tamaki Niime scarf.
16 – Reversible Tamaki Niime heavy cotton dress.
17 – Tamaki Niime cotton tee and wool blend scarf paired with Oska cotton twill pants.

Sale Continued… For the Deep Freeze

1 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool jacket over Dip cotton shirt.
2 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool dress with a Black Label cotton jersey mesh scarf.
3. Mama b cotton knit coat dress featuring a woven plaid skirt.
4 – Oversized cotton pullover by Black Label paired with Black Label cotton pants. Scarf by Tamaki Niime.
5 – Black Label cowl neck crop sweater over a Mama b cozy herringbone jumpsuit.
6 – Elemente Clemente textured wool cardigan over a Black Label french fleece jumper with asymmetric pockets.
7 – Elemente Clemente wool and viscose blend pullover paired with brown and navy check pants. Topped with a padded mesh scarf by Black Label.
8 – Elemente Clemente ensemble topped with a boiled wool oversized jacket.
9 – Motion textured tee with chocolate brown memory fabric bubble pants and Elemente Clemente patterned wool scarf to complete the look.
10 – Black label outfit: cropped wool blend sweater over a long cotton blend tee with a ribbon appliqué, paired with low rise cotton pants.
11 – Elemente Clemente cognac boiled wool jacket over Black label cotton flared tee and twill pant.
12 – Black Label flared cotton tee and twill pant.

January Blues Sale

1 – Motion tunic top with Elemente Clemente pinstripe pant.
2 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool dress with collar and front placket.
3 – Neirami scoop hem pocketed dress.
4 – back view of Neirami scoop hem pocketed dress.


5 – Neirami dot top over Elemente Clemente organic cotton tunic and Neirami cozy skirt.
6 – Neirami high neck long sleeve top.
7 – Rundholz Black Label chunky high neck knit sweater.
8 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool top with Moyuru cotton knit cropped pant

It’s Sale Time


1 – Rundholz Black label cotton tee with knit cardigan over top and cotton twill drop rise pants.


2 – Black label leather stripe long sleeve.


3 – Rundholz Black label cotton knit top with scribbled technical stretch pant and Mama b circle scarf.
4 – Mama b cotton knit dress with Catherine Andre wool blend scarf.
5- Elemente Clemente boiled wool jacket over an Oska knit top paired with Motion’s textured knit skirt and Catherine Andre magic carpet scarf.
6 – Neirami cotton knit dress with Samuel a Coraux necklace.
7 – Pal Offner cotton sweatshirt with Black Label dropped rose pant.
8 – Neirami wool blend sweater and cotton twill pant. Neeru Kumar scarf.
9 – Mes Soeurs et Moi relaxed cord pant.
10 – Elemente Clemente organic cotton knit dress.
11 – Elemente Clemente bubble jacket worn over a Mes Soeurs et Moi turtle neck and overall dress. Topped with an Elemente Clemente wool cap.



small steps

As of January 3, 2022 we will be open by appointment only, probably for the month of January but, like everything, that remains to be seen …

“By appointment” means: 1 client and 1 bubble companion at a time in the store.

If we are able, we will accommodate walk-ins.

Symptom free and masked, of course.

We are answering calls during store hours: Monday to Saturday 10 – 6 and Sundays 12 – 5

After hours, appointment requests can be made by email and we will respond the next business day, or leave a voice message on our store phone: 416 968 0090


We will be in the store this week, but we are again pausing in-store browsing until we ( the world ) have a better understanding of this variant.
We are answering the phones, responding to email, and will be available for pick ups and special orders.
Please browse the website and please do not hesitate to make requests by phone or by email and we will do our best to accommodate you.
This week will be spent preparing and posting new pieces and sale items. Watch Instagram. Watch the website.
WE thank YOU for all your encouragement and support throughout the years but in particular during these last months. Miss you!
We anticipate in-store shopping will resume January 3rd but watch for updates.
Monday Dec 27 10 – 6
Tuesday Dec 28 10 – 6
Wednesday Dec 29 10 – 6
Thursday Dec 30 10 – 6
Friday Dec 31 closed
Saturday Jan 1 closed
Sunday Jan 2 closed
We are planning to resume regular store hours on January 3 ( hopefully ):
Every day from 10:00 to 6:00pm, Sunday 12 to 6:00

Small Gifts in a Big Way!


1 – An assortment of Samuel Coraux adjustable rings, new at the store.
2 – A rainbow of squiggle rings by Samuel Coraux.



3 – “be” wild wire necklaces by Samuel Coraux in three colour ways. Made to match any outfit.
4 – Samuel Coraux knotted lucite necklaces.
5 – Tamaki Niime wool blend scarf in turquoise/olive.
6 – Samuel Coraux  glass rings necklaces in matte and glossy finishes.
7 – Samuel Coraux “oh” necklace.
8 – Colourful Samuel Coraux face wire necklace.
9 – Tamaki Niime wool and cotton blend scarf in fuchsia mix.
10 – Samuel Coraux tassels and beads necklace.
11 – Samuel Coraux glass bead necklaces in green, rust, orange, and purple.
12 – Samuel Coraux “infinite” necklaces in red, black, and silver.
13 – Tamaki Niime wool and cotton blend  scarf in navy and red stripe.
14 – Samuel Coraux rings and wires necklace in red/black.
15 – Samuel Coraux figure 8 wire necklaces in black and gold.
16 – Tamaki Niime scarf in mustard/brown in wool and cotton blend.
17 – Samuel Coraux rings and wires necklace in black.
18 – Motion gift certificate. Perfect for a last minute gift this holiday season.

Tamaki Niime Arrivals

1 – Tamaki Niime cardigan and culotte paired with a Neeru Kumar silk scarf.
2 – Tamaki Niime ribbed cotton turtleneck and wool blend scarf, paired with Tamaki Niime citrus dyed denim jean.
3 – Tamaki Niime mix and match cotton gloves with tech tips for phones screens.
4 – Tamaki Niime graphic long sleeve cotton top with Elemente Clemente textured black pants. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
5 – Tamaki Niime graphic long sleeve top reversed.
6 – Tamaki Niime wool blend cardigan over Tamaki Niime cotton tee, paired with Moyuru pants.
7 – Tamaki Niime ensemble, with a Kopka beret for a touch of red.
8 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton dress. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
9 – More playful Tamaki Niime tech gloves, a perfect gift.
10 – Tamaki Niime cardigan and tee paired with a full length Tamaki Niime cotton pant.
11 – An oversized multi-colour Tamaki Niime wool blend pullover. Paired with cropped wide leg pants in cotton and a small Tamaki Niime scarf.

A Skif Story


1 – Skif cardigan, with a Catherine Andre scarf and Motion cotton corduroy pants.
2 – Two pocket Skif cardigan over a Tamaki Niime striped tee, paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi double knit navy blue pants.
3 – Skif two pocket cardigan in a navy/olive colour way, paired with a Rundholz Black Label slim technical skirt.


4 – Motion two pocket crimped tunic with a Samuel Coraux abstract necklace over top, paired with a navy blue crimped skirt.
5 – Kopka berets, with a Mes Soeurs et Moi scarf, and Elemente Clemente arm warmers. Perfect for gift giving.
6 – Rundholz Black Label mesh hoodie over a Motion long sleeve mesh tee in teal blue, paired with Rundholz Black Label french terry pants. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.


7 – 100% cotton mesh tees back in stock.
8 – Rayon/silk two pocket tunic, paired with Porto’s slim shirred ankle pants. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
9 – Skif grey mix flared cardigan, paired with a Tamaki Niime cotton scarf and Motion cotton corduroy bubble pants.
10 – Kopka woolen beret. Available in many colours.
11 – Kopka berets in autumnal colours, with Mes Soeurs et Moi scarf.
12 – Skif lemon/pepper cardigan, paired with a Tamaki Niime cotton scarf and Motion charcoal belle pants.
13 – Rundholz Black Label garment dyed french terry flounced tunic with gauze underskirt, paired  with matching drop rise pants.
14 – Skif two pocket cardigan, paired with a Tamaki Niime top and Motion bubble corduroy pants. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
15 – Lisa in a rainbow tower of Kopka berets.


Pleats a Plenty

– 1 – Motion reversible pleated jacket over black pleated tank top and pants. With Samuel Coraux necklace.
– 2 – Samuel Coraux whimsical rubber and wire necklace.
– 3 – Catherine Andre check scarf over Motion’s pleated top, with Oska’s black technical skirt and tulle under skirt.


– 4 – Oska tulle skirt.
– 5 – Samuel Coraux Murano colourful glass ball and wire necklaces.
– 6 – Motion shawl collar pleated jacket over pleated tank, paired with Oska technical pants.
– 7 – Samuel Coraux multicolour glass bead and wire necklace.
– 8 – Motion pleated tunic, with the Porto slim ruched pants.
– 9 – Motion pleated tunic with diagonal pleated pants.
– 10 – Samuel Coraux lightweight colourful necklaces.
– 11 – Motion alternating pleated top, with Moyuru grey stripe pants.
– 12 – Samuel Coraux “oh” wire necklace.
– 13 – Elemente Clemente printed boiled wool topper, over motion pleated tank and pleated pants.
– 14 – Studio Rundholz wool and raccoon cropped cardigan, over an asymmetric pleated tank. Paired with Elemente Clemente brown and black check trousers.