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Motion Refreshed Sale

1 – Rundholz Black Label french fleece sweatshirt and comic print pencil skirt in technical stretch.
2 – Black Label boiled wool cardigan paired with Black Label slim technical pant in ink.
3 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool topper over a pinstriped technical blouse, paired with a wide leg boiled wool pant.
4 – Black Label french fleece pullover layered over a sleeveless techno dress in forest green.
5 – Rundholz Black Label buckle boots in ink.
6 – Cozy knit dress and multi coloured scarf both by Mama B.
7 – Black Label soft knit cardigan and  print mesh tee paired with low rise technical stretch pant in wood.
8 – Black Label ruched jacket paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi pant.
9 – PLU double layer mesh and knit pullover shown with PLU oversized shawl and Oska technical stretch pant.
10 – Lofina chunky boots, lots of sizes available!
11 – Black Label soft sheen coat with detachable scarf paired with Rundholz  Dip cotton pant.
12 – Black Label knit cardigan over PLU button shirt and Black Label brushed cotton low rise pant.
13 – Elli print cardigan over Luana turtleneck. Wide leg cotton pant by Black Label.


Black, White and Red

Experience bold contrast and colour with this black, white and red post featuring lots of pieces in technical fabrics,  which are the perfect weight for this time of year!

Give us a call (416) 968-0090 , or send an email to if anything catches your eye. Happy Browsing!

1 – Pleated long sleeve boxy top paired with a Rundholz Black Label technical skirt. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti necklace.


2 – Tamaki Niime asymmetric hem t-shirt and Elemente Clemente technical fabric wide leg pant.
3 – Rundholz Dip cotton twill jacket paired with a Motion pleated collared dress and accessorized with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
4 – Mama b striped 3/4 sleeve tee and Elemente Clemente cotton tapered pant. This look is finished with a Christina Brampti necklace.
5 – Mama b look featuring their asymmetric hem cardigan and check seersucker dress.
6 – Moyuru printed tee, Elemente Clemente cotton wide leg pant and a Jianhui beaded necklace.
7 – Mes Soeur et Moi light weight cotton seersucker jacket, Motion mesh long sleeve and a Moyuru striped skirt.


8 – Mes Soeur et Moi jacket above on a model.


More Rundholz + New Moyuru

More from Studio Rundholz now available, as well as some beautiful pieces from Moyuru.

Happy browsing!

1 – Rundholz Black Label dot print dress.
2 – Rundholz Black Label knit and woven combo cotton dress.
3 – Rundholz Dip cargo jacket paired with a Motion cotton linen combo tee and a PLU tutu skirt.
4 – Black Label paint tube print tee and slim technical pants.
5 – Black Label knit sweater and drop rise pant with dot print.
6 – Moyuru circle panelled dress. Comes in a grey/black combo and in all black.
7 – Moyuru printed tee and PLU drop rise pocketed pant.
8 – Moyuru tartan print tunic. Features a buttoned down front, gathering at the bust and a tuck on the front at the waist.
9 – Moyuru striped tunic dress and Samuel Coraux necklace.
9 – Moyuru printed short sleeve dress with a Christina Brampti necklace.
10 – Mes Soeur et Moi striped pocket top and Moyuru striped panelled skirt. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti cord chainlink necklace.


Rundholz Spring is In

New goodies from Rundholz from their Main and Black Label lines are here! Great quality knits and structural technical fabrics in a wide range of silhouettes and colours.

Happy browsing!

1 – Rundholz Mainline paneled coat.
2 – Same Rundholz coat paired with their drop rise pants in the same stretch technical fabric. The coat features in seam pockets, exposed seams, and pin stripe panelled pieces creating a flouncy tulip shape.
3 – Outfit featuring the same Rundholz coat and drop rise pants, paired with two Motion mesh tees layered over one another.
4 – Rundholz Mainline flounce dress. Made from the same stretch technical fabric as the coat.
5 – In seam pocket detail on the dress.
6 – Outfit featuring the same Rundholz dress over a Rundholz Dip mesh tee.
7 – Black Label tailored jacket and drop rise technical pants in a monochrome dot print.
8 – Same Black Label jacket paired with their pencil skirt and printed scarf.
9 – Black Label french terry topper and drop rise printed pant.
10 – Black Label printed technical fabric dress.
10 – Black Label short sleeve fleece hoodie and slim technical fabric pant.
11 – Black Label zippered hoodie and drip rise french terry pant with a Plü long line sleeveless tank.


12 – Black Label hooded jacket and cotton cap sleeve dress.
13 – Front of Black Label cap sleeve dress.
14 – Back of dress.
15 – Black Label short sleeve french terry top and slim check technical fabric pants.
16 – Black Label printed cotton scarf. Comes in multiple colours and prints. 


Sweater Weather

1 – Rundholz Black Label wool knit sweater paired with a Black Label long sleeve tee and drop rise technical fabric pant.
2 – Black Label knit merino wool cropped cardigan paired with a wool knitted scarf and cotton sleeveless jumpsuit.
3 – Black Label wool knit swing cardigan over a Rundholz sleeveless technical fabric dress.
4 – Black Label wool knit boxy sweater paired with a pair of Tamaki Niime drop rise printed pants.
5 – Black Label wool knit cardigan over a Moyuru asymmetric hem tunic, paired with a Black Label printed technical fabric skirt.
6 – Rundholz Dip long line button up jacket, over a Rundholz check technical fabric pocketed skirt.
7 – Mama b turtle neck top paired with Black Label cropped corduroy pants, and topped with a stripped Mes Soeurs et Moi scarf.
8 – Black Label one size knit wool cardigan over a Motion mesh long sleeve t-shirt, paired with Rundholz printed technical pants.
9 – Black Label corduroy swing jacket paired with a Tamaki Niime long sleeve tee and Black Label cotton pants.
10 – Black Label cotton mesh top paired with Black Label drop rise slim pants.
10 – Same Black Label cotton mesh tee and pant with a knit merino wool scarf over top.
11 – Same Black Label cotton mesh tee and pant topped with a Black Label hooded jacket.


1 – Rundholz black check technical stretch jacket and dress.
2 – Lofina cap toe sneaker boot with back zip.
3 – Black Label cotton poplin dress.
4 -Rundholz  Dip cotton twill pants paired with Black Label wool sweater and printed scarf.
5 – Rundholz Dip multi pocketed cotton twill  jacket.
6 – Moyuru knit asymmetric cardigan over Dip cotton shirt. Black Label printed technical stretch pants.
7 – Black Label boiled wool sweater with stretch suiting jacket and pant.
8 – Black Label cardigan and tunic over Rundholz splatter pants.
9 – Rundholz splatter print jacket. Wire trim in the jacket collar, hem and pockets allows you to sculpt the jacket!
10 – Black Label one size down filled coat. Also available in Black.
11 – Black Label faux fur hooded parka. Also in black.
12 – Rundholz down filled coat with detachable sleeves.
13 – Bilkis is ready for winter in the Rundholz coat. See picture below with one sleeve removed.

Summer Sale Continues

1 – Black Label Dip 100% cotton dress with screen printed “Journey to the centre of the EARTH”. Paired with Black Label cotton blend screen printed scarf.
2 – Same scarf as shown above with roadmap pattern.
3 – Black Label 3/4 sleeve cotton knit tee with screen printed design. Paired with Black Label cotton cropped pant.
5 – Rundholz Dip asymmetric dress in cloud.
6 – Black Label sleeveless cotton poplin tunic in pear, paired with black Label drop rise cotton blend trousers.
7 – Black Label cotton panel tee in colour kiwi.
8 – Elemente Clemente short sleeve gathered cotton dress in jade.
9 – Catherine Andre viscose and cotton blend knit cap sleeve pullover, paired with Elemente Clemente seersucker wide leg pants.
10 – Paper Temples knit peplum cardigan paired with Frangines swiss dot cotton skirt and Tamaki Niime cotton gauze scarf.
11 – Rayon cherry scarf. Among many sale scarves available.
12 – Flax 3/4 sleeve linen gathered tunic dress paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi cropped cotton pant and Catherine Andre scarf.
13 – Black Label cotton jumpsuit in melon.
14 – Black label boxy printed top, paired with Black Label low rise pant in french terry also in melon.

Fresh Deliveries of Dip and Black Label!

1 – Dip cotton twill coat over Dip printed dress.2 – Studio Rundholz Dip cotton twill coat in grey paired with slim Hudson pants.3 – Backview of Dip coat in grey twill.4 – Close up of bellowed pocket on the front of the coat.

5 – Black Label 100% cotton jumpsuit in melon with rubber necklace.6 – Cotton jumpsuit by Black Label, also available in pear white.7 – Back pocket detail on jumpsuit.8 – Black label cotton tunic and pant.9 – Close up of Black Label cotton pants in pear white.10 – Dip jacket in cloud paired with grey pants. 11 – Dip linen dress in cloud with petal necklace.
12 – Black Label dress with cotton knit bodice and woven cotton skirt.13 -Black Label cotton tunic in kiwi.14 –  Close up of pocket detail on kiwi tunic.15 – Black Label French terry zippered jacket in apple over kiwi tee shirt.  Paired with cotton pants in apple.

16 -Black Label cotton tunic in melon with Verona pants.

17 – Cotton scarves by Black Label.

18 – Cotton blouse and pant by Black Label.
19 – Cotton blouse and pant by Black Label, back view of detailing.

20 – Dip lacquered coat in glossy black.

21 – Dip glossy coat in action.

Rundholz Spring 2022

1 – Black Label fitted jacket in melon red paired with melon check skirt.
2 – The jacket and skirt are made of a high stretch technical fabric that’s easy to wear and washable.
3 – The pockets are hidden in the front princess lines of the jacket.
4 – Black label technical dress in melon, also available in black.
5 – Mama b cotton tee paired with Black label printed drop rise pants, finished with a Black Label scarf.
6 – Black Label boxy pullover in melon, also available in kiwi, apple, blueberry, white and black.
7 – Black label boxy sweater paired with technical skirt in white with a black and grey print.
8 – Mama b oversized tee paired with Black Label’s slim legged technical check pants and cotton blend cardigan.
9 – Mama b tiered cotton dress with Black Label flared cotton blend cardigan.
10 – Black Label check technical coat over Black Label short sleeve fitted dress also in technical fabric.
11 – Back view of the beautifully cut Black Label check coat.
12 – Close up of pocket detail on coat.
13 – Dip pleated jacket in cloud  over Dip wide leg pants in grey.
14 – Back of of cloud coloured hooded jacket.
15 – Dip pleated cotton dress in cloud with silk and latex necklace.
16 – Dip woven cotton and ribbed jacket paired with matching cropped pants in the colour cloud. Accessorized with Black Label messenger bag.

Sale Continued… For the Deep Freeze

1 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool jacket over Dip cotton shirt.
2 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool dress with a Black Label cotton jersey mesh scarf.
3. Mama b cotton knit coat dress featuring a woven plaid skirt.
4 – Oversized cotton pullover by Black Label paired with Black Label cotton pants. Scarf by Tamaki Niime.
5 – Black Label cowl neck crop sweater over a Mama b cozy herringbone jumpsuit.
6 – Elemente Clemente textured wool cardigan over a Black Label french fleece jumper with asymmetric pockets.
7 – Elemente Clemente wool and viscose blend pullover paired with brown and navy check pants. Topped with a padded mesh scarf by Black Label.
8 – Elemente Clemente ensemble topped with a boiled wool oversized jacket.
9 – Motion textured tee with chocolate brown memory fabric bubble pants and Elemente Clemente patterned wool scarf to complete the look.
10 – Black label outfit: cropped wool blend sweater over a long cotton blend tee with a ribbon appliqué, paired with low rise cotton pants.
11 – Elemente Clemente cognac boiled wool jacket over Black label cotton flared tee and twill pant.
12 – Black Label flared cotton tee and twill pant.