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Holiday Treats – Gift Ideas

1 – Mama B chunky knit pullover paired with Mama B socks and scarf.
2 – Mama B boxy pullover in sprout featuring Mama B hat and check scarf.
3 – Mama B striped pullover shown with Kopka boiled wool beret, Tamaki Niime arm warmers and Christina Brampti necklace.
4 – Mama B ensemble featuring chunky knit hi-low, socks and striped scarf.
5 – Kopka boiled wool berets and Catherine Andre scarf.
6 – Mama B slit pullover in nutmeg featuring Mama B scarf and hat. Paired with Tamaki Niime arm warmers.
7 – Mama B pocketed pullover featuring Tamaki Niime cotton scarf, Kopka hat and Mama B socks.
8 – Mama B sleeveless pullover paired with Motion cotton mesh tee. Featuring Mama B socks and hat.


Holiday Knits

1 – Mama B high neck pullover and pencil skirt in cozy knit.
2 – Mama B chunky knit striped pullover and Motion denim bubble pant. Styled with Christina Brampti necklace.
3 – Motion black and pink tweed top paired with Black Label technical pencil skirt.
4 – Mama B striped cardigan and wide leg thin striped pant in cozy knit.
5 – Mama B striped multicoloured turtleneck paired with Mama B cropped corduroy pant.
6 – Mama B boxy round neck top in sprout and cozy knit pant in asphalt and sprout check.
7 – Mama B striped cardigan over Mama B pullover in cozy knit, paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi corduroy jumpsuit.
8 – Mama B ensemble featuring a turtleneck pullover in chunky knit and pant in check.
9 – Mama B two pocket relaxed pullover paired with Oska seamed denim pant and Mama B scarf.
10 – Mama B pocketed jacket in a wool blend paired with Mama B taffeta skirt and Tamaki Niime scarf.


Colourful Winter

1 – Kopka 100% wool berets available in 50 different colours.
2 – Burgundy ensemble featuring Motion’s medium weight parachute crop top in plum. Styled with Christina Brampti necklace and Kopka wool beret.
3 – Assortment of Kopka berets.
4 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton sweater paired with Kopka beret and Tamaki Niime wool blend scarf.
5 – An arrangement of Kopka berets in blue tones.
6 – Kopka wool berets in purple tones.
7 – A selection of Kopka berets.
8 – Kopka berets in cream and yellow tones.
9 – Jo Gordon wool geometric scarf and a selection of berets.
10 – Jo Gordon wool striped cardigan styled with Kopka beret and Jo Gordon spot scarf.
11 – Jo Gordon colourful blanket scarf and wool berets.
12 – Tamaki Niime wool blend scarf  and wool berets in green tones.

Cooler Colours

1 – Elemente Clemente cotton blend pullover shown with Oska plaid pant.
2 – Catherine Andre multicoloured scarf with boiled wool berets.
3 – A selection of boiled wool berets.
4 – Rundholz Black Label boiled wool pullover worn over Black Label taffeta shirt and Black Label technical pant.
5 – Back view of taffeta shirt with curved details.
6 – Catherine Andre scarf with boiled wool berets.
7 – A restock of Mama B’s check jacket shown with Motion cardigan and Mama B cozy pant.
8 – PLU sweater with mesh collar paired with Mama B large check pant.
9 – Moyuru french terry graphic pullover shown with Elemente Clemente technical pant.
10 – Moyuru deep navy dress with a white and blue inset.
11 – Back view of above dress.
12 – Tamaki Niime ensemble.
12 – Elemente Clemente white cotton shirt with trompe l’oeil digital print shown with slim technical pant.
13 – Side view of Elemente Clemente shirt.
14 – Pocket detail.
15 – Motion cowl neck tunic in bamboo knit paired with Elemente Clemente cotton blend pant.
16 – A front view of Elemente Clemente digitally printed cotton check pant.

Assortment of Accessories

New accessories have arrived! Marbled resin necklaces by Sobral and boiled wool berets from Kopka will help brighten up any outfit.

Most of these pieces are only available in store right now. If you’d like more information on anything, please give us a call: 416 968 0090 or send us an email : Happy browsing!

1 – Sobral blue marbled necklace.
2 – Kopka berets in blue hues. Made from 100% boiled wool. Mulesing free.
3 – Green marbled necklace by Sobral.
4 – Kopka hats in green hues.
5 – Yellow shapes necklace by Sobral.
6 – Kopka hats in yellow & green hues.
7 – Sobral shapes necklace in red and black.
8 – Kopka berets in red and black hues.
9 – Enclosed rose pendent necklace by Sobral.

Blue to Pink – Gift Guide Part Two

1 – Kopka beret hat, Mes Soeurs et Moi mohair blend scarf, Tamaki Niime socks.
2 – Tamaki Niime scarf, Motion crimp texture two pocket top and skirt.
3 – Annemieke rubber and fabric dot necklace.
4 – Kopka hat, Catherine André scarf and Ischiko by Oska cardigan.
5 – Tamaki Niime socks and cotton gauze scarf.
6 – Kopka boiled wool beret hats.
7 – Bunzaburo shibori dyed silk scarf.
8 – Mama b cotton/cashmere blend knee high socks.
9 – Annemieke pink dot necklace.

Golden Accessories

Part one of our gift guide for this holiday season, in a golden colour pallet!

1 – Kopka boiled wool beret, Tamaki Niime cotton scarf, Elemente Clemente boiled wool arm warmers.
2 – Lights necklace by Samuel Coraux.
3 – Warm tones of Kopka hats.
4 – Tamaki Niime cotton scarf and reversible long sleeve tee.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi mohair blend scarf.


6 – Jianhui spiral necklace. This lightweight necklace is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been cut, individually painted and strung on cord.
7 – Tamaki Niime wool/cotton blend scarf and asymmetric tee.
8 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool hat paired with Rundholz Black Label neck warmer and arm warmers.


9 – Assortment of Kopka berets.
10 – Kopka beret, Mes Soeurs et Moi scarf and hand warmers.


It’s Berry Cold Outside

Just in this week, bundle up in berry hues with new sweaters, pants and tees from Tamaki Niime. Also, accessorize with arm warmers, hats and scarves from various designers that we carry. Stay warm!

1 – Tamaki Niime open knit cardigan over a reversible long sleeve tee and pocketed drop rise pants.
2 – Tamaki Niime pants may be worn back to front.
3 – Tamaki Niime cotton knit pullover paired with drop rise jeans.
4 – Mes Soeurs et Moi pocketed pullover over a Tamaki Niime turtleneck  and drop rise jeans.
5 – A selection of Kopka boiled wool beret hats shown with a Tamaki Niime scarf.
6 – Skif  cotton blend knit cardigan over a Tamaki Niime tee, scarf, and drop rise pocketed pants.
7 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover and high waisted pant.
8 – Mes Soeurs et Moi arm warmers with Samuel Coraux wire rings.
9 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve tunic in a woven waffle pattern. Motion cotton mesh tee and Porto slim pants paired with it.
10 – Tamaki Niime tunic as above, may be worn back to front.
11 – Mes Soeurs et Moi cozy knit two tone scarf.
12 – Tamaki Niime tunic in a wool blend shown with Tamaki Niime tee and  Porto slim pants.
13 – Tamaki Niime tunic as above, may be worn back to front.
14 – Tamaki Niime printed tunic over Black Label drop rise corduroy pants and topped with a Tamaki Niime scarf.
15 – Tamaki Niime tunic as above, may be worn back to front.


16 – Tamaki Niime open knit cardigan in a super soft wool blend.
17 – Tamaki Niime reversible cotton turtleneck, paired with  one of a kind striped drop rise jeans. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
18 – Tamaki Niime reversible long sleeve tee in 100% cotton knit. Tamaki Niime pieces are always one of  kind and unique.


19 – Tamaki Niime drop rise jeans with purple stripes.
20 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise pocketed pants.
21 – One size reversible Tamaki Niime tee.
22 – Tamaki Niime one size turtleneck in soft 100% cotton knit.  Can be worn inside out.
23 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve dress  in a wool cotton blend, over a Motion cotton mesh turtle neck tee. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
24 – Tamaki Niime dress as above, may be worn back to front.