Golden Accessories

Part one of our gift guide for this holiday season, in a golden colour pallet!

1 – Kopka boiled wool beret, Tamaki Niime cotton scarf, Elemente Clemente boiled wool arm warmers.
2 – Lights necklace by Samuel Coraux.
3 – Warm tones of Kopka hats.
4 – Tamaki Niime cotton scarf and reversible long sleeve tee.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi mohair blend scarf.


6 – Jianhui spiral necklace. This lightweight necklace is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been cut, individually painted and strung on cord.
7 – Tamaki Niime wool/cotton blend scarf and asymmetric tee.
8 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool hat paired with Rundholz Black Label neck warmer and arm warmers.


9 – Assortment of Kopka berets.
10 – Kopka beret, Mes Soeurs et Moi scarf and hand warmers.