From Paris with Love <3

A new shipment of jewellery has arrived from Paris! Vivid colours and eye catching designs, there’s something for everyone. These pieces and many more are now available in store.

1 – Metal chains in a variety of colours. These chains come individually, but look great stacked up.
2 – Same colourful metal chains as above. Their long length allows for doubling up for a shorter silhouette.
3 – Colourful marbled resin necklace.
4 – Triangles, circles and rectangles necklaces in bright orange and red colour ways. Made from a light weight resin.
5- Rainbow resin shapes necklace.
6 – Multicolour beaded necklace.
7 – A flower of beaded necklaces in an array of colours.
8 – Striped beaded medallion necklace.
9 – Another assortment of coloured metal chains.
10 – Striped bead necklace.
11 – Beaded layering necklace. Comes in periwinkle, sage, and magenta.
12 – Striped resin bars necklace.
13 – Coloured metal chains.
14 – Marbled medallion necklace.

Playful Pieces from Paper Temples

With a new shipment of Paper Temples sweaters, comes playful prints and bright colours! All these styles and more are available in store and online now.

Reminder: If you click on an outfit image, it will take you directly to that Paper Temples product in our online store. Happy Browsing!

1 – Paper Temples floral lace print cardigan paired with a Motion cotton mesh tee and Elemente Clemente check pants in mauve.
2 – Paper Temples cotton cardigan paired with a Plu longline tank and charcoal crop slim jeans.
3 – Paper Temples digital clock print sweater paired with Oska lightweight denim pants.
4 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print pullover sweater paired with a motion cotton mesh tee and Tamaki Niime drop rise striped jeans.
5 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print cardigan over a Tamaki Niime short sleeve dress.
6 – Paper Temples stitches print sweater paired with Tamaki Niime pocketed drop rise pants.
7 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print pullover paired with Elemente Clemente wide leg check pants.

New Black Label Sale!

The newest goodies we’ve received from Studio Rundholz Black Label, have been added to our on going winter sale. Below is a selection of all Black Label pieces unless otherwise specified.

1 – Corduroy swing jacket over a sleeveless printed fitted dress.

2 – Cowl neck jersey tunic over printed slim pants.
3 – Printed fitted dress accessorized with a printed scarf.
4 – printed long sleeve t-shirt paired with drop rise wide leg corduroy pants. Accessorized with a light weight fringe scarf.
5 – Swing style collared tunic paired with printed slim pants and a printed scarf.
6 – Black Label long sleeve printed tee paired with Porto Verona pants and accessorized with a velvet infinity scarf.
7 – Printed long sleeve tunic top made from a light weight cotton jersey. Paired with printed slim leg pants and a Samuel Coraux necklace.
8 – Boiled wool cardigan over a printed tee and technical fabric wide leg pants.
9 – Cotton french terry jacket paired with a patterned mesh tee and pattern slim pants.
10 – Long line gather hem dress made from a lightweight cotton jersey.

A Fresh Start for the New Year

A taste of new spring arrivals have landed! Below are some beautiful styles from Plü, Motion classics and Elemente Clemente.


1 – Plü striped pullover paired with Porto Verona pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
2 – Plü french fleece hooded sweatshirt paired with Plü denim pants.
3 – Back of the Plü hooded sweatshirt. Double tiered flounces in a light weight cotton.
4 – Tamaki Niime open cardigan, over a Plü a-line tee, paired with  Elemente Clemente boiled wool pants.
5 – Plü a-line tee a in spring weight cotton jersey.
6 – Moyuru cowl neck topper over a Motion cotton mesh tee. Paired with Elemente Clemente houndstooth trousers.
7 – Motion long sleeve swing cardigans in rock and Black.
8 – Elemente Clemente houndstooth shirt and Motion Corduroy pants.
9 – Plü a line cardigan, Plü longline sleeveless tee and Porto slim pants.
10 – Motion textured 2-pocket top in a graphic circle print paired with motion leggings.
11 – Motion long sleeve swing cardigans in papaya and navy blue.
12 – Motion swing cardigan over a Motion cotton mesh tee. Paired with Oska denim pants and topped with a Tamaki Niime scarf.


The Deals Keep on Coming

Our winter sale is still going on! We’ve got some great pieces left and are adding more frequently. Below is just a peak at what we’ve got on sale. Stop by the store and take a look at many more discounted items!

1 – Rundholz Black Label cotton knit cowl neck tunic paired with  Black Label drop rise corduroy pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
2 – Hannoh + deep plum crepe dress paired with a wooden bead necklace.
3 – Neirami polka dot scarf over a Paper Temples sweater and Motion technical bubble pants.
4 – Mama b Stripe cozy turtle neck paired with Porto slim pants and a rubber necklace.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi striped scarf over a Mama b cozy pocketed top and wide leg pants.
6 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover paired with Rundholz drop rise printed pants and topped with a Jianhui crochet beaded necklace.
7 – Mes Soeurs et Moi loose knit scarf over a Black Label double layer sweat shirt and Elemente Clemente organic cotton pants.
8 – Umasan draped cowl neck top and Black Label cotton drop rise slim pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux Necklace.
9 – Black Label hooded jacket over a collared cotton gather dress.

Sale Continues

Out winter sale continues in the store! Take a look at our instagram for daily content. Below are a few of our latest sale posts.

Happy Solstice!

Cozy pieces to help keep you warm on the shortest day of the year.

1 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool topper, Motion cotton mesh tee, and Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pants.
2 – A swirl of Tamaki Niime cotton scarves,  perfect for gift giving!
3 – Skif cardigan over an Elemente Clemente pocketed shirt and Motion cotton corduroy bubble pants.
4 – Tamaki Niime small scarves.
5 – Tamaki Niime reversible tee and Elemente Clemente boiled wool pants. Accessorized with a Jianhui crochet beaded necklace.
6 – Tamaki Niime small scarves, oodles of colour ways to chose from.
7 – Paper temples cardigan over a pleated top and pants.
8 – More swirling Tamaki Niime small cotton scarves.
9 – Elemente Clemente wool top with a houndstooth contrast cuff, paired with Elemente Clemente cropped wide leg pants.
10 – Neeru Kumar hand loomed wool and silk blend scarf.
11 – Rundholz Black Label flared wool sweater, paired with Porto cropped pants and a large Tamaki Niime scarf.
12 – Neeru Kumar hand loomed wool and silk scarf.


Cream, Lavender and Mauve

1 – Mama b cozy knit tunic and wide leg pants in oat.
2 – Mama b high low hemmed top with soft cowl neck in oat.
3 – Mama b boxy pullover with pocket in oat and lavender stripes.
4 – Mama b marled knit turtleneck and long striped scarf. Shown with Tamaki Niime cotton denim jeans.
5 – Mama b cropped marled knit top with slim sleeves.
6 – Mama b boxy turtleneck with pocket in lavender.
7 – Mama b cozy knit dress in prune with hood detail.
8 – Pleated top in black with Elemente Clemente mauve and black mini check pants.
9 – Elemente Clemente slim check pants as shown above.
10 – Elemente Clement boiled wool topper over Tamaki Niime cotton turtleneck. Boiled wool pants in black by Elemente Clemente.
12 – Front and back views of Paper Temples sparkling patchwork cardigan.

Latest deliveries…

1 – Tamaki Niime wool blend cardigan over cotton knit turtleneck paired with Elemente Clemente cotton corduroy pants. Topped with Samuel Coraux medallion necklace.
2 – Tamaki Niime jewel tone open cardigan as seen above.
3 – Tamaki Niime waffle weave wool blend top shown with Tamaki Niime denim jeans and scarf.
4 – Reverse side of Tamaki Niime waffle weave tunic.
5 – Mama b check top with Catherine Andre wool scarf shown with Verona pants in patina.
6 – Paper Temples pocket cardigan in grey and black stripes.
7 – There’s an extra pocket on the back of the cardigan.
8 – Front and back views of Paper Temples pocket cardigan in black and creme cotton knit.

9 – Mama b cozy knit turtleneck shown in iron; also available in olive green.


10 – Mama b boxy turtleneck with pocket shown with cotton blend printed pants.
11 – Mama b marled knit turtleneck in cozy knit fabric.