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Arrivals From Mes Soeurs et Moi

1 – Mes Soeurs et Moi cropped corduroy pants in bronze paired with Mama B cozy knit top. Styled with necklace from Paris.
2 – Mes Soeurs et Moi shawl collar fleece cardigan in blue.
3 – Mes Soeurs et Moi knit poncho.
4 – Same style as above in ruby red.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi knit topper in ruby red.
6 – Mes Soeurs et Moi knit turtleneck.
7 – Mes Soeurs et Moi striped cape paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi corduroy ankle pants. Styled with Sobral necklace and long sleeve mesh tee.
8 – Mes Soeurs et Moi black corduroy jumpsuit.
9 – Mes Soeurs et Moi knit topper in macadamia and Mes Soeurs et Moi cropped corduroy pants. Styled with Christina Brampti necklace and Tamaki Niime turtleneck.


New Black Label Arrivals

1 – Black Label oversized tunic in a cotton blend.
2 – Mainline Rundholz exquisite tailored cutaway coat coffee stripe over Mainline sleeveless dress.
3 – Black Label waist creating corduroy jacket in soft black over PLU buttoned shirt and black tutu.
4 – Black label corduroy jacket paired with Elemente Clemente black and white herringbone pant. Reversible scarf by Mama B.
5 – PLU shirt unbuttoned, shown with PLU mesh bolero and Porto pant.
6 – Black Label Gigantic comic print tote bag in Tyvek.
7 – Black Label boucle pullover in warm bronze tones, paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi corduroy pants.
8 – Black Label boiled wool cardigan in bronze print.
9 – Black Label cardigan in ink print shown with soft black corduroy pant.
10 – Black Label swing cardigan with boiled wool panels in front and black french terry cotton knit sleeves and back. Cotton t-shirt by Black Label paired with Tamaki Niime low rise pant.
11 – Black Label french terry dress in black with wool paneling in front.
12 – Dress above shown with tights.
13 – Black Label medium size tote.
14 – Black Label cropped cardigan in blue boucle over Elemente Clemente black knit dress.


Freshly Arrived From Paris

1 – Plastic necklaces in deep red and blush pink from Paris.
2 – Same as above.
3 –  Multicoloured plastic necklace with flowers and twisted pendants.
4 – Plastic necklaces with loops of varying sizes in an assortment of colours.
5 – Assortment of chain necklaces.
6 – Linked plastic necklaces in various tones.
7 – Plastic necklaces in various shades of blue and green.

Prepping for Fall with Oska

1 – Oska buttoned jacket in 100% wool, featuring an Oska cotton check pant. Styled with a Christina Brampti necklace and a Tamaki Niime top.
2 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton raglan sleeved top from above in a leaf green.
3 – Closed view of Oska’s wool buttoned jacket from above.
4 – Back view of Oska’s wool buttoned jacket
5 – Oska 100% wool round neck pullover in a khaki green, with an Oska knit pant in green tones. Styled with a Christina Brampti cord necklace.
6 – Oska one pocket pullover in 100% wool, paired with Oska’s cotton corduroy trousers available in different colours.
7 – Back view of Oska’s pullover from above.
8 – Oska raglan sleeved pullover in yellow, featuring Oska’s corduroy trousers in yellow.
9 – Close-up of Oska’s corduroy trousers from above.
10 – Oska’s 100% wool round neck pullover in off-white, styled with seamed corduroy pants and a Christina Brampti mesh necklace.
11 – Oska raglan sleeved pullover in blue and grey tones, featuring Oska’s striped wide leg pant. Styled with a Christina Brampti mesh necklace.

PLU Has Arrived!

1 – PLU cotton knit cardigan over taffeta and mesh sleeveles dress. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
2 – PLU striped cardigan layered over matching striped top.
3 – PLU gathered back cotton hooded shirt under PLU’s indigo denim sculptured jacket paired with low-rise denim jean.
4 – Back view of indigo denim jacket.
5 – Back view of PLU gathered cotton shirt.
6 – PLU french terry jacket with mesh overlay paired with Tamaki Niime cotton tee and PLU slim denim pant.
7 – PLU french terry and mesh pullover available in black and anthracite.
8 – PLU striped tunic in cotton knit.
9 -PLU tunic with snaps inside to modify the silhouette.
10 – PLU buttoned cotton shirt with detachable panel with mesh cardigan layered over. Technical stretch pant by Oska.
11 – PLU mesh cardi as above, shown with tank underneath.
12 – PLU high-low striped t-shirt shown with french terry low-rise pant.


Swinging into Fall with Mama B

1 – Mama B cozy striped cardigan in chrome yellow paired with baby corduroy cropped pant.
2 – Mama B cowl neck tunic dress, also available in sapphire and black.
3 – Mama B tricoloured chunky knit sweater shown with french terry pant.
4 – Mama B’s favourite onesize cardigan paired with oat baby corduroy pant.
5 – Mama B pairs fine stripes with bold checks in this outfit.
6 – Mama b asymmetric cardigan in fine stripes shown with wide leg cozy knit pant.
7 – Mama B striped sleeve top with contrasting front and back colour way. Shown with french fleece pant.
8 – The above top is sewn in a soft pink blush in the back panel.
9 – Mama B tunic dress shown with slim knit skirt in stripes.
10 – Mama B sapphire velour ribbed boxy jacket and french terry pant.
11 – Mama B boxy pullover in sapphire paired with check wide leg pant.
12 – Mama B cowl neck pullover over taffeta skirt in sapphire.
13 – Mama B cowl neck dress with side slits, also available in chrome yellow.

A First Look at Fall 2023 – Oska Deliveries !

1 – Oska denim shirtdress in 100% cotton.
2 – Back view of denim shirtdress.
3 – Oska black cotton denim pants with seam detailing.
4 – Oska denim oversized shirt in 100% cotton.
5 – Back view of denim shirt shown with a slimmer leg cotton denim pant.
6 – Oska plaid dress in a soft woven lyocell and cotton blend.
7 – Back view of plaid shirtdress.
8 – Oska simple black dress in technical stretch.
9 – Back view of Oska dress layered over a crop wide leg pant.
10 – Oska paper-bag trousers in technical stretch.
11 – Ischiko by Oska water and wind resistant coat.
12 – Side view of coat with side slit.
13 – Back view of coat.


The Deals Keep on Coming

Our winter sale is still going on! We’ve got some great pieces left and are adding more frequently. Below is just a peak at what we’ve got on sale. Stop by the store and take a look at many more discounted items!

1 – Rundholz Black Label cotton knit cowl neck tunic paired with  Black Label drop rise corduroy pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
2 – Hannoh + deep plum crepe dress paired with a wooden bead necklace.
3 – Neirami polka dot scarf over a Paper Temples sweater and Motion technical bubble pants.
4 – Mama b Stripe cozy turtle neck paired with Porto slim pants and a rubber necklace.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi striped scarf over a Mama b cozy pocketed top and wide leg pants.
6 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover paired with Rundholz drop rise printed pants and topped with a Jianhui crochet beaded necklace.
7 – Mes Soeurs et Moi loose knit scarf over a Black Label double layer sweat shirt and Elemente Clemente organic cotton pants.
8 – Umasan draped cowl neck top and Black Label cotton drop rise slim pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux Necklace.
9 – Black Label hooded jacket over a collared cotton gather dress.

Sale Continues

Out winter sale continues in the store! Take a look at our instagram for daily content. Below are a few of our latest sale posts.