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Tamaki Niime – New Tops and Dresses

More Tamaki Niime has arrived in store! Here is a sneak peak at some of the many styles we received. If your’e interested in something you see in this post please give us a call at (416) 968-0090 , or send an email to .


1 – Tamaki Niime striped top, Elemente Clemente seersucker pants and Christina Brampti necklace.
2 – Back of the same top.
3 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve pocket dress.
4 – Reverse side of same dress. Both sides can be worn to the front or back.
5 – Tamaki Niime tunic top and Elemente Clemente cotton tapered pants.
6 – Reverse of tunic. Can be worn either way.
7 – Tamaki Niime tunic top, Ischiko by Oska cobalt blue cotton twill pants, and a Sobral necklace.
8 – Reverse of tunic top above.
9 – Tamaki Niime mandarin collar top.
10 – Tamaki Niime mandarin collar top paired with Ischiko by Oska cotton knit pants. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti necklace.
11 – Back of mandarin collar shirt above.
12 – Another Tamaki Niime mandarin collar top in a berry colour palette.
13 – Tamaki Niime striped tee, Mama b drop rise cotton pants, and an Annemieke necklace.
14 – Reverse side of the Tamaki Niime striped top above.
15 – Tamaki Niime mandarin collar shirt, Motion cotton mesh tee, Elemente Clemente cotton tapered pants, and a Christina Brampti necklace.
16 – Back of the mandarin collar top above.
17 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve pocketed dress.


Breeze Into Spring – Elemente Clemente

All new Elemente Clemente has arrived in store and online. Lots of beautiful spring weight cottons and linens in bold colours, perfect for the warm weather coming up. Happy browsing!

1 – Elemente Clemente look featuring the seersucker v-neck tee and tapered ankle pant. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti necklace.
2 – V-neck seersucker tee. Falls to hip length and features a lovely a-line silhouette.
3 – Cotton seersucker pant.
4 – Elemente Clemente cotton lantern shaped dress.
5 – Same lantern dress in the colour Kaki.
6 – Back of the dress.
7 – Elemente Clemente linen top and wide leg pant. Paired with a lightweight woven Tamaki Niime scarf.
8 – Mama b crop boxy tee and Oska lightweight cotton pants. Accessorized with a Rundholz Black Label printed cotton scarf.
9 – Tamaki Niime striped cotton tee and Elemente Clemente wide leg trousers.
10 – Back of the Elemente Clemente trouser above. Features an elastic back waistband for ease.
11 – Moyuru printed tee and Elemente Clemente tapered cotton ankle pant. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti necklace.
12 – Same cotton tapered pant from Elemente Clemente in the colour Paprika.
13 – Elemente Clemente linen pocketed tunic and cotton tapered pant. Paired with a Catherine Andre patterned scarf.
14 – Same Elemente Clemente tunic on a model. It features a v-neck, a-line silhouette, and falls to below the hip in length
15 – Elemente Clemente linen collared shirt and cotton tapered pant.
16 – Elemente Clemente linen tunic top and wide leg cotton pant. Accessorized with a Jian Hui necklace.


More Mama b!

1 – Mama b’s spring/summer 2023 collection illustration by Elisa Talentino.
2 – Sleeveless a-line dress in a cotton check seersucker fabric, paired with a cotton slip in the colour avocado underneath.
3 – Cozy knit cardigan and crinkled cotton pants.


4 – Asymmetric hem tee and crinkled cotton pants. Accessorized with an Annemeike necklace.
5 – Semi sheer linen blend tee. Features a high low hem and 3/4 length sleeves.
6 – Linen blend tee over a short sleeve dress and cotton underskirt.
7 – Motion cotton mesh tees layered over one another paired with Tamaki Niime cotton drop rise pants.
8 – Mama b light weight cotton/linen chambray jacket over a short sleeve tee paired with Oska denim trousers.
9 – Same denim jacket on a model.
10 – A line check dress in black and white. To be worn on its own in warmer weather or layered under and over for early spring.
11 – Mama b cozy cardigan over a cotton jersey t-shirt, paired with crinkled cotton drop rise pants.
12 – Drop rise pant paired with a french terry cotton jacket with a longer back hem.
13 – Back of french terry tail jacket. See Lisa in the Instagram below in this same jacket!

New From Mes Soeurs et Moi & Tamaki Niime

1 – Mes Soeurs et Moi notch neck layering top. Made from a light weight cotton blend knit.
2 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi button down knit shirt and seersucker ankle pants.


3 – Same button down as previous on a model.
4 – Motion high low hem tee paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pants.
5 – Tamaki Niime tunic top and scarf paired with Oska denim pants.


6 – Back of same top.
7 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi notch neck layering top in pearl grey paired with Tamaki Niime wide leg pants.
8 – Tamaki Niime boxy high low hem knit sweater.
9 – Same Tamaki Niime sweater in a pink colour way.
10 – Tamaki Niime collared blouse and drop rise jean.
11 – Back of blouse.
12 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi striped cropped cardigan over a Mama b drop rise jumpsuit and accessorized with a Tamaki Niime scarf.
13 – Same Mes Soeurs Et Moi cropped cardigan in a black/white striped colour way.
14 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi pocketed pullover knit top.
15 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi v-neck pullover knit top.
16 – Side of Mes Soeurs Et Moi pocket knit top.
17 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi short sleeve cropped pullover.

Mama b Spring – Part 1

Part one of our spring Mama b shipment is in! Want more information on a garment? Click on an image and it will take you to that specific product on our online store. Happy Browsing!


1 – Short sleeve bubble dress with a bright red light weight underskirt.
2 – Back of outfit.
3 – Striped knit cardigan over a short sleeve tee, paired with Oska tapered pants.
4 – Black and cream version of the striped knit cardigan.
5 – Cozy knit asymmetric hem cardigan over a short sleeve tee, paired with cropped check pants.
6 – Back view of check pants.
7 – Cozy high low hem top paired with darted jersey pants.
8 – Same high low hem top on a model.
9 – Cropped cozy asymmetric cardigan over a jersey jumpsuit.

Motion Classics – New Arrivals

New arrivals are here from our very own Motion classics line. Whether you’re preparing for spring, or heading to a warmer climate, these pieces will keep you feeling cool and looking stylish. Happy browsing!

*Want more information on a specific garment in this post? Click on the image and it will take to directly to that product in our online store.

1 – Motion cotton/linen v-neck knit tee, paired with ruched cotton/linen woven pants.
2 – 3/4 sleeve swing cardigans in ‘leaf’ and ‘pacific’ colour ways.
3 – Paper temples tonal print sweater paired with Oska relaxed cotton ankle pants.
4 – Motion green check jacket over a cotton mesh tee and Flax linen pants in black.
5 – One size parachute crop top in ‘cucumber’ paired with parachute darted pants.
6 – An assortment of cotton linen blend tees. v-neck tee in ‘leaf’, high-low hem crop tee in ‘ballet pink’ , bias tee in ‘rock’.
7 – Parachute crop paired with drop rise knit pants.



8 – Textured knit pullover paired with Porto slim pants.
9 – 3/4 sleeve swing cardigan paired with a bias tee and ruched pants.



10 – Parachute crop top paired with Flax flood pants in cream.
11 – Long sleeve swing cardigan in ‘Papaya’.
12 – One pocket, sleeveless dress in a medium weight linen.

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

With the spring season approaching soon, we’ve been receiving terrific pieces from PLU and Elemente Clemente and mixing them with our own in house Motion label. Lots of outfit inspiration for the future warmer weather below, happy browsing!

1 – PLU crop denim jacket paired with a Porto slim sleeveless dress, made from stretch technical fabric.
2 – Side view of crop denim jacket.
3 – Back View of same denim jacket. It features a centre back slit as well as an inverted pleat just above the slit.
4 – PLU crop denim jacket paired with a Motion cotton mesh tee and Oska denim pants.
5 – Motion textured pullover over a PLU tank and Elemente Clemente check trousers.
6 – PLU plus sign button accessories. These can be attached to any buttons on PLU garments.
7 – PLU black denim jacket paired with a motion cotton/linen tee and PLU drop rise pants.
8 – Same PLU pants as above. They are made from a cotton french terry in a vibrant pink colour. They feature a single patch pocket on the front and a drawstring elasticized waistband.
9 – PLU gathered top paired with Elemente Clemente technical slim jogger pants.
10 – Same PLU top as above. The model is showing the pocket detail.
11 – Black beaded PLU button accessories. Comes in star, plus sign, heart and flower shapes.
12 – Same PLU gather top in a black colour way. Paired with Elemente Clemente brushed cotton pants.
13 – Same top on a model.
14 – Paper Temples lace patterned 3/4 sleeve sweater paired with Oska light weight cotton tapered pants.
15 – Silver beaded PLU button accessories.
16 – PLU long sleeve tee paired with Elemente Clemente printed technical pants.
17 – PLU striped tee long sleeve tee and low rise technical pants.

Oska New Arrivals

The newest spring pieces from Oska/Ischiko have arrived! Light weight breezy cottons, perfect for the upcoming warmer weather or if you’re planning on heading south soon.

*Note* If you would like more info on an outfit or garment in this post, please click on the image and it will take you directly to that specific product in our online store.

Happy browsing!

1 – Oska plaid short sleeve shirt dress and cropped check pants.
2 – Back view.
3 – Close up of the crop check pants.
4 – Cotton poplin outfit. Long sleeve button down blouse and tapered pant in a sand pin stripe colour way.
5 – Side view.
6 – Ischiko by Oska long sleeve pocketed top, paired with light weight cotton tapered pants.
7 – Long sleeve navy pinstripe top and wide leg pant in a light weight cotton poplin fabric.
8 – Back view.

Playful Pieces from Paper Temples

With a new shipment of Paper Temples sweaters, comes playful prints and bright colours! All these styles and more are available in store and online now.

Reminder: If you click on an outfit image, it will take you directly to that Paper Temples product in our online store. Happy Browsing!

1 – Paper Temples floral lace print cardigan paired with a Motion cotton mesh tee and Elemente Clemente check pants in mauve.
2 – Paper Temples cotton cardigan paired with a Plu longline tank and charcoal crop slim jeans.
3 – Paper Temples digital clock print sweater paired with Oska lightweight denim pants.
4 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print pullover sweater paired with a motion cotton mesh tee and Tamaki Niime drop rise striped jeans.
5 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print cardigan over a Tamaki Niime short sleeve dress.
6 – Paper Temples stitches print sweater paired with Tamaki Niime pocketed drop rise pants.
7 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print pullover paired with Elemente Clemente wide leg check pants.

A Fresh Start for the New Year

A taste of new spring arrivals have landed! Below are some beautiful styles from Plü, Motion classics and Elemente Clemente.


1 – Plü striped pullover paired with Porto Verona pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
2 – Plü french fleece hooded sweatshirt paired with Plü denim pants.
3 – Back of the Plü hooded sweatshirt. Double tiered flounces in a light weight cotton.
4 – Tamaki Niime open cardigan, over a Plü a-line tee, paired with  Elemente Clemente boiled wool pants.
5 – Plü a-line tee a in spring weight cotton jersey.
6 – Moyuru cowl neck topper over a Motion cotton mesh tee. Paired with Elemente Clemente houndstooth trousers.
7 – Motion long sleeve swing cardigans in rock and Black.
8 – Elemente Clemente houndstooth shirt and Motion Corduroy pants.
9 – Plü a line cardigan, Plü longline sleeveless tee and Porto slim pants.
10 – Motion textured 2-pocket top in a graphic circle print paired with motion leggings.
11 – Motion long sleeve swing cardigans in papaya and navy blue.
12 – Motion swing cardigan over a Motion cotton mesh tee. Paired with Oska denim pants and topped with a Tamaki Niime scarf.