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Spring is in the Air

1 – Oska glencheck shirtdress in a linen-cotton blend.
2 – Back view of above.
3 – Oska ensemble featuring a relaxed shirt jacket and wide leg pant in a cotton-cupro blend.
4 – Back view of shirt above.
5 – Mama B spring cozy knit cardigan paired with Oska pant.
6 – Oska buttoned front cardigan with glencheck pant in cotton-linen blend.
7 – Cardigan can be worn in either direction.
8 – Oska tee in a cotton-hemp blend shown with cotton pant in willow green.
9 – Back view of above.
10 – Paper Temples screen pullover over cotton mesh tee paired with barrel leg Oska cotton pant.
11 – Paper Temples multi-toned sweater paired with Oska slim cotton pant.

Motion Refreshed Sale

1 – Rundholz Black Label french fleece sweatshirt and comic print pencil skirt in technical stretch.
2 – Black Label boiled wool cardigan paired with Black Label slim technical pant in ink.
3 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool topper over a pinstriped technical blouse, paired with a wide leg boiled wool pant.
4 – Black Label french fleece pullover layered over a sleeveless techno dress in forest green.
5 – Rundholz Black Label buckle boots in ink.
6 – Cozy knit dress and multi coloured scarf both by Mama B.
7 – Black Label soft knit cardigan and  print mesh tee paired with low rise technical stretch pant in wood.
8 – Black Label ruched jacket paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi pant.
9 – PLU double layer mesh and knit pullover shown with PLU oversized shawl and Oska technical stretch pant.
10 – Lofina chunky boots, lots of sizes available!
11 – Black Label soft sheen coat with detachable scarf paired with Rundholz  Dip cotton pant.
12 – Black Label knit cardigan over PLU button shirt and Black Label brushed cotton low rise pant.
13 – Elli print cardigan over Luana turtleneck. Wide leg cotton pant by Black Label.


Spring Arrivals From Oska

1 – Oska relaxed blouse in technical fabric.
2 – Back view of  above.
3 – Oska technical  jacket paired with Motion parachute tank top and Oska barrel leg pant.
6 – Back view of jacket above.
5 – Oska technical barrel leg pant.
6 – Oska technical dress with seam detailing.
7 – Back view of above.
8 – Oska technical cardigan paired with Motion mesh tee in orchid and Oska technical pant.
9 – Back view of cardigan above.
10 – Paper Temples cardigan over Motion slit top and Oska technical tapered pant.
11 – Oska technical tapered pant.
12 – Paper Temples asymmetrical cardigan paired with Tamaki Niime low rise denim pant.
13 – Paper Temples sweater over Elemente Clemente slit top and Oska crinkled cotton pant.
14 – Oska Crinkled cotton pant.
15 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton reversible tee and Oska glencheck pant. Styled with Tamaki Niime scarf.
16 – Oska glencheck tapered pant.
17 – Paper Temples screen-printed pullover and Oska striped tapered pant.
18 – Oska striped tapered pant.


Holiday Knits

1 – Mama B high neck pullover and pencil skirt in cozy knit.
2 – Mama B chunky knit striped pullover and Motion denim bubble pant. Styled with Christina Brampti necklace.
3 – Motion black and pink tweed top paired with Black Label technical pencil skirt.
4 – Mama B striped cardigan and wide leg thin striped pant in cozy knit.
5 – Mama B striped multicoloured turtleneck paired with Mama B cropped corduroy pant.
6 – Mama B boxy round neck top in sprout and cozy knit pant in asphalt and sprout check.
7 – Mama B striped cardigan over Mama B pullover in cozy knit, paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi corduroy jumpsuit.
8 – Mama B ensemble featuring a turtleneck pullover in chunky knit and pant in check.
9 – Mama B two pocket relaxed pullover paired with Oska seamed denim pant and Mama B scarf.
10 – Mama B pocketed jacket in a wool blend paired with Mama B taffeta skirt and Tamaki Niime scarf.


Form and Function

1 – Paper Temples cotton cardigan with dot screen print.
2 – Tamaki Niime ensemble featuring denim jeans, fine knit sweater, and open wool blend cardigan.
3 – Tamaki Niime slim fitting cotton pullover. Perfect as a layering piece.
4 – Paper Temples pocketed cardigan over Tamaki Niime mock neck t-shirt and drop rise pant.
5 – Tamaki Niime cotton sweater and low rise pant with small wool and cotton scarf.
6 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton mock neck pullover.
7 – Paper Temples cotton blend A-line sweater in eggplant with graphite screen print shown with Oska denim jean. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
8 – Paper Temples black mix sweater with graphite dots shown with PLU tulle skirt. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
9 – Paper Temples cropped cardigan with high neck layered over mesh tee, paired with Mama B french fleece pant.
10 – Back view of pocketed cardi.
11 – Paper Temples pocketed cropped cardigan in black and white. Also available in two other colourways.
12 – Tamaki Niime cotton knit dress, knit in multiple stitch ways.
13 – Paper Temples multicoloured open cardigan over Tamaki Niime cotton tee and low rise pant.


Jo Gordon is special

1 – A wonderfully oversized scarf featuring bold colours and geometric shapes knit in Scottish wool by Jo Gordon.
2 – Close up of above.
3 – Small version.
4 – Black background with dots.
5 – Oatmeal background.
6 – Monochrome.
7 – Monochrome in stripes, huge!
8 – As above.
9 – Black and blue unisex wool cardi.
10 – Scarf kerchief.
11 – Same in sunrise.
12 – Cardigan with oatmeal and yellow stripes.
13 – As above.
14 – Oversized multi-colour scarf.
15 – As above shown with mama b dress.

Cooler Colours

1 – Elemente Clemente cotton blend pullover shown with Oska plaid pant.
2 – Catherine Andre multicoloured scarf with boiled wool berets.
3 – A selection of boiled wool berets.
4 – Rundholz Black Label boiled wool pullover worn over Black Label taffeta shirt and Black Label technical pant.
5 – Back view of taffeta shirt with curved details.
6 – Catherine Andre scarf with boiled wool berets.
7 – A restock of Mama B’s check jacket shown with Motion cardigan and Mama B cozy pant.
8 – PLU sweater with mesh collar paired with Mama B large check pant.
9 – Moyuru french terry graphic pullover shown with Elemente Clemente technical pant.
10 – Moyuru deep navy dress with a white and blue inset.
11 – Back view of above dress.
12 – Tamaki Niime ensemble.
12 – Elemente Clemente white cotton shirt with trompe l’oeil digital print shown with slim technical pant.
13 – Side view of Elemente Clemente shirt.
14 – Pocket detail.
15 – Motion cowl neck tunic in bamboo knit paired with Elemente Clemente cotton blend pant.
16 – A front view of Elemente Clemente digitally printed cotton check pant.

Get Into Your Motion Style

1 – Motion heavy weight parachute onesize cropped top paired with heavy weight parachute lantern pants.
2 – Motion heavy weight parachute onesize cropped tops, available in various colours.
3 – Motion knit pocket pullover with Mes Soeurs et Moi double knit wide leg pant. Styled with Tamaki Niime scarf.
4 – Motion crimped two pocket tunic, also available in black. Paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi double knit slim leg pant.
5 – Motion striped pocket top paired with Oska denim seamed pant.
6 – Motion heavy weight parachute onesize cropped tops, available in various colours.
7 – Motion knit pocket pullover paired with PLU low rise denim pant.

Fall Colours From Tamaki Niime

1 – Tamaki Niime ensemble with high neck knit cotton tee paired with wide leg cotton pant in blue tones and cotton wool blend scarf.
2 – Back view of pant above.
3 – Tamaki Niime v neck long sleeve top in purple with PLU denim pant and Tamaki Niime cotton wool blend scarf.
4 – Front view of v neck top from above.
5 – Tamaki Niime cotton pullover sweater in purple paired with drop rise cotton pant and small multicoloured scarf.
6 – Back view of pant above.
7 – Tamaki Niime small cotton scarves in an assortment of colours.
8 – Tamaki Niime short sleeved pocket dress in burgundy tones and multicoloured stripes. Styled with a Christina Brampti necklace.
9 – Back view of above.
10 – Tamaki Niime mandarin collared cotton shirt in khaki and black paired with long sleeve cotton reversible tee and Oska corduroy pant. Styled with Sobral necklace.
11 – Back view of top above.
12 – Tamaki Niime wide leg cotton pant in green and black tones styled with Elemente Clemente wool pullover and Tamaki Niime cotton wool blend scarf.
13 – Back view of pant above.
14 – Tamaki Niime long sleeve cotton dolman t-shirt in diagonal multicoloured stripes.
15 – Tamaki Niime small cotton scarves in an assortment of colours.
16 – Tamaki Niime cotton pullover sweater.
17 – Tamaki Niime cotton wool blend scarf in various tones.
18 – Tamaki Niime v neck long sleeve top in thin red stripes.