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Garden in Bloom

1 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton short sleeve pocket dress. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
2 – Back view of above.
3 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton v-neck top paired with Oska 100% cotton tapered pant.
4 – Kozan sleeveless dress in citrus yellow. Styled with Tamaki Niime 100% cotton medium scarf.
5 – Motion parachute cropped top paired with Kozan cargo dotted pant.
6 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton mandarin collared shirt paired with Elemente Clemente wide leg pant.


7 – Back view of top above.
8 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton mandarin collared shirt.
9 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton striped short sleeve top over Motion parachute cropped pant. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
10 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton mandarin collared shirt.


Cool as a Cucumber

1 – Flax linen cap sleeve tee and a Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pant. Styled with Annemieke necklace.
2 – Back view of drop rise cotton pant, can be worn on either side.
3 – Tamaki Niime cotton short sleeve reversible tee in green.
4 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve V neck dress in forest green tones.


5 – Parachute jacket in rock layered over the sleeveless bubble dress.
6 – Motion ensemble, featuring an asymmetrical cowl tunic in tarragon and easy pant in black.
7 – Motion’s parachute round-neck bubble dress in tarragon.
8 – A Motion ensemble composed of the parachute onesize cropped top in leaf and the easy pant in tarragon. Styled with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
9 –  Motion’s parachute kimono in leaf, styled with a white layering tunic and white parachute pants.
10 – Tamaki Niime cotton tee in light blue, paired with Oska’s striped pant in cotton.
11 – Tamaki Niime cotton asymmetric tee paired with Flax linen pants. Styled with Christina Brampti aluminum and cord necklace.
12 –  Parachute cowl top and cropped pants by Motion.  Annemieke cord necklace.
13 – Tamaki Niime cotton short sleeve pocket dress in pistachio and navy tones.  Necklace by Christina Brampti.
14 – Back view of dress, can be worn on either side.
15 – Motion’s parachute cowl neck top paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pants and Samuel Coraux necklace.
16 – Back view of drop rise cotton pant, can be worn on either side.


All that Jazz!

1 – Black Label sleeveless cotton dress.
2 – Close up of pocket detail on dress above.
3 – Motion’s cotton/linen blend stripe boat neck tee shown with Black Label taffeta culottes. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
4 – Flax linen pocketed shift dress in an indigo blue shown with a necklace by Christina Brampti.
5 – Our hanky linen combo tunic is back in stock! It’s one size and lovely and cool. Petal necklace by Annemieke.
6 – Linen tunic as shown above available in black, pacific, navy blue and turquoise.
7 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve summer dress in 100% cotton.
8 – Reverse of above dress.
9 – Tamaki Niime reversible tee in 100% cotton knit paired with the rayon parachute wide leg pant by Motion.
10 – Lightweight long sleeved reversible tee by Tamaki Niime shown with cotton ankle pants by Mes Soeurs et Moi. Resin necklace by Sobral.
11 – A selection of Tamaki Niime one of a kind, reversible tees.
12 – A new design by Tamaki Niime, this longer sleeveless cotton dress features side seam pockets and a centre back opening.
13 – Reverse view of dress above.
14 – Motion linen kimono in a beautiful navy blue. Paired with a Jianhui wooden circle necklace.
15 – Tamaki Niime one of a kind cap sleeve dress with side seam pockets. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
16 – Reverse view of dress above.

Summer Solstice

1 – Tamaki Niime ensemble featuring asymmetrical cotton knit top and woven cotton culottes.
2 – Same pant as above, which may be worn with either side to the front.
3 – Reversible cotton tee by Tamaki Niime.
4 – One of a kind Tamaki Niime mandarin collared shirt in cotton, paired with Black Label pencil skirt in pearl.
5 – Back view of Tamaki Niime mandarin collared shirt.
6 – Black Label summer dress in a small pearl check. Colourful upcycled silk and cord necklace by Annemieke.
7 – Motion one- size V neck hanky linen and jersey knit tunic paired with white cotton seersucker pants by Mes Soeurs et Moi.
8 – V neck tunic as shown above.
9 – Parachute kimono dress layered over tunic and slim pants all by Motion.
10 – Parachute darted pants and one size V neck top by Motion. Necklace by Christiana Brampti.
11 – Tamaki Niime reversible striped tunic shown with slim pants by Motion.
12 – Reverse view of striped tunic by Tamaki Niime.
13 – Tamaki Niime cotton cap sleeve top with Flax linen flood pants.
14 – Top above may be worn back to front.
15 – Tamaki Niime one of a kind cap sleeve dress with pockets in earthy tones.


End of Summer – New Arrivals

New in the store and online is Oska and Mes Soeurs Et Moi. Here’s a little sneak peak!

1 – Oska black/ white check flannel shirt and Jersey knit pant.
2 – Back of Oska black/ white check flannel shirt and Jersey knit pant.
3 – Motion two pocket tunic and parachute cropped pant. Topped with a colourful layered medallion necklace.
4 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi striped multicolour cardigan. This sweater is made in a super soft cotton blend knit perfect for layering over an outfit, or buttoned up as a top on its own.
5 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi pocketed pullover. Features a large pocket on the front and has a relaxed cropped fit.
6 – Motion cotton crinkle top and Mes Soeurs Et Moi  cotton corduroy slim leg trousers.
7 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi relaxed turtle neck dress in bright red.
8 – Same Mes Soeurs Et Moi relaxed turtle neck dress in navy blue.
9 – Mes Soeur et Moi oversized topper in cotton blend knit paired with cotton corduroy slim pants.

Mama b For Fall 2022

Bold patterns and cozy knits fresh in from Mama b. Below is a sample of what we have. Take a look in store and online for the rest of the styles!

1 – One size striped cardigan paired with wide leg pant.
2 – An assortment of the knee high sock in tartan/dot print. These socks are made from a soft  cotton cashmere blend.
3 – Cozy hooded dress over the slim leg sweat pant.
4 – Slim leg cuffed pant in mushroom.
5 – Another assortment of the cotton cashmere knee high socks.
6 – Oversized boatneck top and wide leg pant in the colour oat.
7 – Boxy turtle neck top. Features long slim sleeves and a single patch pocket on the front.
8 – Patterned ankle socks in the tartan/dot print.
9 – Turtle neck dress with side slits.
10 – Flower printed knee high socks. Comes in navy/olive, prune/navy, and black/grey.

Transitional Pieces From Tamaki Niime

As we head into the last couple weeks of August, new Tamaki Niime arrivals will help you make the transition from summer to fall weather. These pieces are great on their own to beat the heat and can also be layered up when it becomes a bit cooler. Lots of beautiful colours and styles — both in the store and online!

1 – Tamaki Niime striped tunic top paired with Porto Verona pants.


2 – Long sleeve cotton shirt dress in teal/red. The dress is collared and has a button down front closure.
3 – Long sleeve v-neck dress in ocean front.
4 – Tamaki Niime cotton gauze scarves in beautiful blues and yellows.
5 – Cotton gauze scarf, dolman short sleeve tee, and drop rise pant. All from Tamaki Niime.
6 – Scarves in oranges and yellows.
7 – Mandarin collared shirt in sunset, over the drop rise denim pant.
8 – Cap sleeve round neck dress in mulch.
9 – Cap sleeve round neck dress in sea spray.


10 – Short sleeve pocketed dress in periwinkle.
11 – Short sleeved pocketed dress in green tea.
12 – Raglan long sleeve top in leaf green.
13 – Raglan long sleeve top in navy/grey stripes.
14 – Asymmetric tee in turquoise and navy stripes.
15 – Some more bright cotton gauze scarves.


16 – long sleeve reversible tee in lavender.
16 – Drop rise cotton pant in mauve mix.

Summer Bloom

Bright coloured new arrivals of the Motion kimono shirt dress in both the linen and parachute fabric!

1 – Linen kimono shirt dress in absinthe green.
2 – Same linen kimono shirt dress in chartreuse.
3 – Parachute kimono shirt dress in paprika, paired with a Tamaki Niime v-neck cap sleeve dress.
4 – Linen blend dress in paprika.
5 – Amethyst colour kimono shirt dress in the parachute fabric over a Motion bubble dress in the same light weight fabric.
6 – Lavender shirt dress in linen.
7 – Lavender shirt dress in the parachute fabric over a Tamaki Niime v- neck cap sleeve tee and Motion parachute darted pant.
8 – Pacific blue linen shirt dress over a Motion layer tunic and darted pants. .
9 – Turquoise shirt dress in linen.
10 – Sea foam shirt dress in linen over a Motion layering tank and Tamaki Niime cropped wide leg pant. .

Sale in Progress…!

Check out our instagram @motionclothingtoronto !

1 – Elemente Clemente linen sleeveless tunic, paired with Neirami cotton pants and flax linen vest, all on sale.
2 – Moyuru cap sleeve dress in a cotton linen blend, perfect for the summer heat.
3 – Moyuru cap sleeve top in brown tones with Eka khadi cloth cotton scarf.
4 – Mama b cotton stripe tee with lightweight lyocell check pants.
5 – Oska oval shape textured knit top with a flax plaid linen scarf.
6 – Flax easy linen dress, also available in black.
7 – Paper Temples one size peace and love knit sweater.




Midsummer Selection

1 – Tamaki Niime one size short sleeve pocket dress in Stuffed Olive.
2 – Motion parachute rayon one size top in moss – Available in many colours. Parachute rayon pants in square print.
3 – Motion parachute v-neck cropped top in Oat – Available in many colours. Paired with Tamaki Niime one size drop rise cotton pant in Sandstone.
4 – Other side of Tamaki Niime pants shown above.
5 – Tamaki Niime dolman short sleeve tee in Tulip.
6 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve top in Lime Rainbow. Paired with Tamaki Niime one size wide leg pant in Graphite Stripe.
7 – Other side of Tamaki Niime top shown above.
8 – Motion linen button down A-line shirt in Key Lime. Paired with parachute layer tank and Flax linen floods in White.
9 – Motion parachute rayon one size top in Key Lime paired over parachute layering tank tunic and slim linen lyocell blend pant.
10 – Motion linen robin’s egg pocket dress.

11 – Tamaki Niime cotton cap sleeve top in Art Nouveau, front and back view.
12 – Motion crosshatch sapphire tank dress made from cotton linen blend.

13 – Tamaki Niime cotton cap sleeve dress in Gold Rush.