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Holiday Dressing

1 – Tamaki Niime wool blend cardigan in bright red mix.
2 – Paper Temples one size cotton blend pocket cardigan over a pleated tank and Elemente Clemente boiled wool pants.
3 – Back view of Paper Temples Cardigan, with an extra pocket on the back. No two cardigans are alike. Each one is unique and one of a kind.


4 – Pleated dolman sleeve top paired with Oska chevron jersey knit pants. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
5 – Wooden bead “hope” necklace by Jianhui.
6 – Pleated cardigan, tank and pants.
7 – Jianhui hand crafted, one of a kind, crochet beaded necklace. Incredibly intricate and beautiful.
8 – Motion soft tweed bubble dress with jersey knit sleeves. Paired wth a Samuel Coraux necklace.
9 – Hand beaded, multi strand necklace by Jianhui.
10 – Moyuru wide neck topper over an Issey Miyake pleated tunic, and Motion pleated pants.
11 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool hat paired with a Black Label boiled wool scarf.
12 – Jianhui paper mache medallion necklace.

It’s Berry Cold Outside

Just in this week, bundle up in berry hues with new sweaters, pants and tees from Tamaki Niime. Also, accessorize with arm warmers, hats and scarves from various designers that we carry. Stay warm!

1 – Tamaki Niime open knit cardigan over a reversible long sleeve tee and pocketed drop rise pants.
2 – Tamaki Niime pants may be worn back to front.
3 – Tamaki Niime cotton knit pullover paired with drop rise jeans.
4 – Mes Soeurs et Moi pocketed pullover over a Tamaki Niime turtleneck  and drop rise jeans.
5 – A selection of Kopka boiled wool beret hats shown with a Tamaki Niime scarf.
6 – Skif  cotton blend knit cardigan over a Tamaki Niime tee, scarf, and drop rise pocketed pants.
7 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover and high waisted pant.
8 – Mes Soeurs et Moi arm warmers with Samuel Coraux wire rings.
9 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve tunic in a woven waffle pattern. Motion cotton mesh tee and Porto slim pants paired with it.
10 – Tamaki Niime tunic as above, may be worn back to front.
11 – Mes Soeurs et Moi cozy knit two tone scarf.
12 – Tamaki Niime tunic in a wool blend shown with Tamaki Niime tee and  Porto slim pants.
13 – Tamaki Niime tunic as above, may be worn back to front.
14 – Tamaki Niime printed tunic over Black Label drop rise corduroy pants and topped with a Tamaki Niime scarf.
15 – Tamaki Niime tunic as above, may be worn back to front.


16 – Tamaki Niime open knit cardigan in a super soft wool blend.
17 – Tamaki Niime reversible cotton turtleneck, paired with  one of a kind striped drop rise jeans. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
18 – Tamaki Niime reversible long sleeve tee in 100% cotton knit. Tamaki Niime pieces are always one of  kind and unique.


19 – Tamaki Niime drop rise jeans with purple stripes.
20 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise pocketed pants.
21 – One size reversible Tamaki Niime tee.
22 – Tamaki Niime one size turtleneck in soft 100% cotton knit.  Can be worn inside out.
23 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve dress  in a wool cotton blend, over a Motion cotton mesh turtle neck tee. Topped with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
24 – Tamaki Niime dress as above, may be worn back to front.

Playful Knits From Paper Temples


1 – Paper Temples one size pocketed cardigan in black and creme cotton blend knit, layered over Black Label cotton overalls. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
2 – Back view of Paper Temples cardigan with extra back pocket. Also available in black and dijon, hunter green and black. Available in single coloured yarn in dijon or black.
3 – Rolled neck pullover by Paper Temples layered over mesh turtleneck, paired with Motion cotton corduroy bubble pants. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
4 – Rolled pullover by Paper Temples with white screen print on front and back.
5 – Paper Temple cotton knit pullover in 100% cotton with tonal screen print in royal blue.
6 – Paper Temples 100% cotton knit cardigan. Also available in royal blue or grey mix.
7 – Back view of Paper Temples sweater above.
8 – Hem detail of Paper Temples cardigan.
9 – Paper Temples tonal screened pullover in caramel with darker dots of nutmeg. Upcycled necklace by Jianhui made using plastic bottles.


Top of Mind… Motion & Tamaki Niime Tees

1 – A variety of Motion 100% cotton mesh tees.
2 – Ischiko by Oska boxy knit cardigan over a Motion mesh tee, paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cropped pants.
3 – Tamaki Niime one size and one of a kind asymmetric tee in a muted green stripe.
4 – Tamaki Niime asymmetric tee with bands of light blue and charcoal.
5 – Two Motion cotton mesh tees layered over each other, paired with the Verona pant in black. Plastic and glass necklace by Samuel Coraux. 
6 – Motion 100% cotton mesh tee in the colour moss.
7 – Black mesh tee over Rundholz Black Label  cotton corduroy drop rise pants.
8 – Tamaki Niime reversible long sleeve tee with thin stripes of red, blue and tan.
9 – Tamaki Niime 100% cotton knit reversible long sleeve tee in bright red.
10 – Tamaki Niime reversible tee paired with a Tamaki Niime skirt in woven cotton.

Just this week ….. McVerdi & Tamaki Niime!

1 – McVerdi embroidered jacket in stripes.
2 – McVerdi cotton/linen/wool blend lined jet over matching sleeveless jumper.
3 – A swirl of small Tamaki Niime scarves. A new shipment arrived this week.
4 – Side view of McVerdi striped jumper.


5 – Black Label bellowed pocket jacket over McVerdi jumper.
6 – McVerdi jacket over Tamaki Niime reversible cotton knit turtleneck. Paired with Elemente Clemente corduroy trousers.
7- Back view of McVerdi Jacket.
8 – Tamaki Niime heavy cotton two pocket cap sleeve jumper with Black Label boiled wool scarf.
9 – Tamaki Niime chocolate mint heavy weight cotton jumper as seen above.
10 – Tamaki Niime asymmetric cotton knit top, shown with Oska cotton twill pants and Mes Soeurs et Moi wool blend scarf.
11 – Tamaki Niime asymmetric long sleeve shirt in 100% cotton knit. One of a kind and one size. Lots of colours to choose from.
12 – A swirl of small Tamaki scarves.
12 – A Tamaki Niime ensemble. A wool blend pocketed cardigan over a cotton knit turtleneck and wide leg pants.
13 – Reversible cotton knit turtleneck in cinnamon stripes.



Sweater Weather

1 – Rundholz Black Label wool knit sweater paired with a Black Label long sleeve tee and drop rise technical fabric pant.
2 – Black Label knit merino wool cropped cardigan paired with a wool knitted scarf and cotton sleeveless jumpsuit.
3 – Black Label wool knit swing cardigan over a Rundholz sleeveless technical fabric dress.
4 – Black Label wool knit boxy sweater paired with a pair of Tamaki Niime drop rise printed pants.
5 – Black Label wool knit cardigan over a Moyuru asymmetric hem tunic, paired with a Black Label printed technical fabric skirt.
6 – Rundholz Dip long line button up jacket, over a Rundholz check technical fabric pocketed skirt.
7 – Mama b turtle neck top paired with Black Label cropped corduroy pants, and topped with a stripped Mes Soeurs et Moi scarf.
8 – Black Label one size knit wool cardigan over a Motion mesh long sleeve t-shirt, paired with Rundholz printed technical pants.
9 – Black Label corduroy swing jacket paired with a Tamaki Niime long sleeve tee and Black Label cotton pants.
10 – Black Label cotton mesh top paired with Black Label drop rise slim pants.
10 – Same Black Label cotton mesh tee and pant with a knit merino wool scarf over top.
11 – Same Black Label cotton mesh tee and pant topped with a Black Label hooded jacket.

Beat the Brrr

Lots of cozy pieces to warm you up in this chilly weather. Beautiful boiled wools and knits from many our lovely designers. Here is a selection of what we’ve got in store and online.

1 – Oska oversized sweater made from a blend of soft virgin wool and alpaca.
2 – Back view of Oska featuring a deep ribbed trim with slits.
3 – Catherine Andre wool blend shawl over an Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi cotton corduroy pants.
4 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool pullover in Ocean Blue.
5 – Side view of Oska wool and alpaca oversized sweater in Sky.
6 – Ischiko soft cotton/alpaca/wool blend boxy cardigan in a chunky knit.
7 – Selection of Tamaki Niime cotton socks. Each pair is unique!
8 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool jacket in ice.
9 – Elemente Clemente boiled wool topper.
9 – Kopka boiled wool berets, available in a multitude of colours.
10 – Tamaki Niime scarf over a Tamaki Niime wool blend knit sweater paired with Motion heather grey knit bubble pants.
11 – Tamaki Niime knit cardigan with pockets in a  soft wool and cotton blend.
12 – Tamaki Niime wool blend cardigan in charcoal grey with fine stripes of purple and lavender yarn.



1 – Rundholz black check technical stretch jacket and dress.
2 – Lofina cap toe sneaker boot with back zip.
3 – Black Label cotton poplin dress.
4 -Rundholz  Dip cotton twill pants paired with Black Label wool sweater and printed scarf.
5 – Rundholz Dip multi pocketed cotton twill  jacket.
6 – Moyuru knit asymmetric cardigan over Dip cotton shirt. Black Label printed technical stretch pants.
7 – Black Label boiled wool sweater with stretch suiting jacket and pant.
8 – Black Label cardigan and tunic over Rundholz splatter pants.
9 – Rundholz splatter print jacket. Wire trim in the jacket collar, hem and pockets allows you to sculpt the jacket!
10 – Black Label one size down filled coat. Also available in Black.
11 – Black Label faux fur hooded parka. Also in black.
12 – Rundholz down filled coat with detachable sleeves.
13 – Bilkis is ready for winter in the Rundholz coat. See picture below with one sleeve removed.

Explore the Night Sky with Catherine André

A warm fall collection from Catherine André inspired by the Aurora Borealis and its magic and fleeting phenomenon. The colours, textures and motifs of this collection are meant to show movement.

1 – 100% wool open cable knit cardigan with arm patch details and ribbed trim. A truly special piece that has many hours of craftsmanship put into it.
2 – Flat image of same cardigan as above.
3 – Printed long sleeve t-shirt. This print is colourful and whimsical and reminiscent of the northern lights.
4 – Flat image of the same top as above. This tee has a slight a line shape int he body and has a knit neckline trim.
5 – Catherine André cardigan and t-shirt paired with Oska corduroy pants.
6 – Yellow printed scarf.
7 – Same printed scarf in the “night sky” colour way.
8 – Same scarf in the “forest green” colour way.