Fresh & Cool

1 – Moyuru textured jacket in linen-blend over Motion parachute tank and Black Label technical skirt. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
2 – Moyuru ensemble featuring an eyelet tunic and layered pant in 100% cotton.
3 – Moyuru patchwork top in ramie-cotton blend paired with Motion ruched pant. Necklace by Christina Brampti.
4 – Moyuru dotted top in 100% cotton and Motion parachute cropped pant. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
5 – Moyuru 100% linen jacket over Black Label checked dress in cotton blend.
6 – Moyuru pocketed dress in cotton-line blend. Necklace by Ellesanti.
7 – Moyuru rayon-cotton blend shirt over Motion parachute tank and Moyuru 100% cotton pant.
8 – Motion parachute cowl top paired with Moyuru cotton pant.
9 – Moyuru cowl neck dress in 100% rayon. Necklace by Christina Brampti.