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More PLU Please!

1 – PLU gathered panel cardigan with baggy drop rise pant.
2 – Flowing back panel is made of 100% cotton voile, the front and sleeves are in cotton jersey knit.


3 – PLU gathered panel cardi in pink paired with Elemente Clemente mini pleat pant.
4 – Back view.
5 – PLU long and short faceted glass necklaces.
6 – PLU swing knit top in light grey and Rundholz crinkled skirt.
7 – PLU short beaded necklaces.
8 – PLU ensemble featuring an oversized french terry pullover in a washed pink with a tutu tank top and baggy drop rise pant.
9 – PLU tutu tank top and PLU drop rise pant in light grey.
10 – Hand beaded PLU patches.
11 – PLU 100% cotton knit cardigan and baggy drop rise pant.
12 – Back view of above.
13 – PLU boxy cotton knit pullover with low rise indigo denim jean.
14 – Assortment of PLU hand beaded patches.
15 – PLU cotton jersey peplum top paired with washed denim darted jean.
16 – PLU hand beaded bracelets and ring.

Travel Lightly

Designer Imme Vogel, creator of DEAD APE, was inspired by architecture to create these sustainable, beautifully designed bags.  They are extremely durable, light weight, and gender neutral. A portion of every purchase goes directly to projects to save orangutans.

1 – Dead Ape larger cross body bag made with a heavy washed paper material that makes it both lightweight and durable.
2 – Same as above.
3 – Back view of Dead Ape smaller washed paper cross body bag, featuring a back zippered pocket.
4 – Lisa wearing Dead Ape’s smaller cross body bag in washed paper with front zipper.
5 – Dead Ape’s bags all feature adjustable straps for comfort.
6 – As above, front view
7 – Dead Ape’s matte leather backpack
8 – Side view of above bag
9 – You can fit a lot in this bag!
10 – Handles and straps.

Bold Prints and Styles From Rundholz

1 – Rundholz Mainline amaretto down filled print coat with hood.
2 – Rundholz Mainline pullover woven in a harlequin pattern, shown with Black Label comic print balloon pant in wood.
3 – Rundholz Mainline reversible amaretto print down coat.
4 – Rundholz Mainline sleeveless clown print dress in viscose knit.
5 – PLU knit pullover with tulle overlay paired with Black Label slim skirt in ink comic print.
6 – Black Label comic hoodie featuring a comic print knit in boiled wool, the hood, sleeves and back are made in french terry. Shown with the ink ruffle t-shirt and black O shaped pants also by Black Label.
7 – Rundholz Black Label leather boots in a burnished deep ink colour. Featuring a chunky sole, front buckles and a side zipper.


8 – Rundholz Black Label multi-panelled dress in a new cotton stretch fabric, shown in ink. Also available in black.
9 – Back in stock Black Label checked coat with ruffle trim, shown over panelled dress in ink.
10 – Checked coat by Black Label shown over sleeveless Black Label dress in bronze.
11 – Same dress as above.
12 – Rundholz Black Label ensemble featuring a sleeveless ruffle dress in bronze paired with cropped ink boucle cardigan.
13 – Rundholz Black Label fitted jacket with ruffle detail shown with wide leg cropped pant in bronze.
14 – Rundholz Black Label dress featuring a fitted bodice made of cotton french terry and a comic print skirt made of 100% woven cotton.
15 – A variation on the dress above cut with a loose relaxed fit.
16 – An oversized dress by Rundholz Black Label. The comic print is knit in boiled wool, the sleeves and back are sewn in french terry.
17 – A classic Rundholz fitted coat with ruffle detailing shown over the PLU sleeveless tulle dress.
18 – Rundholz Mainline reversible harlequin print down coat.
19 – Rundholz Mainline reversible down coat in black.
20 – Mainline Rundholz reversible short coat with articulated sleeve detail.
21 – Rundholz Mainline knee length reversible down coat in black.

Moyuru Has Arrived For Fall!

1 – Moyuru dramatic swing coat.
2 – Moyuru asymmetric swing coat over PLU cotton shirt and Rundholz pinstripe pant.
3 – Moyuru graphic funnel neck tunic layered over PLU tulle dress.
4 – Moyuru cotton knit cowl dress with overall print.
5 – Moyuru french terry oversized top in 100% cotton, available in 4 colour ways. Paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pant. Necklace by Samuel Coraux.
6 – Moyuru french terry dress in 100% cotton with graphic print on front and left sleeve.
7 – Front view as above.
8 – Moyuru french terry dress in 100% cotton paired with Tamaki Niime cotton drop rise indigo pant. Styled with Christina Brampti necklace.


New Black Label Arrivals

1 – Black Label oversized tunic in a cotton blend.
2 – Mainline Rundholz exquisite tailored cutaway coat coffee stripe over Mainline sleeveless dress.
3 – Black Label waist creating corduroy jacket in soft black over PLU buttoned shirt and black tutu.
4 – Black label corduroy jacket paired with Elemente Clemente black and white herringbone pant. Reversible scarf by Mama B.
5 – PLU shirt unbuttoned, shown with PLU mesh bolero and Porto pant.
6 – Black Label Gigantic comic print tote bag in Tyvek.
7 – Black Label boucle pullover in warm bronze tones, paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi corduroy pants.
8 – Black Label boiled wool cardigan in bronze print.
9 – Black Label cardigan in ink print shown with soft black corduroy pant.
10 – Black Label swing cardigan with boiled wool panels in front and black french terry cotton knit sleeves and back. Cotton t-shirt by Black Label paired with Tamaki Niime low rise pant.
11 – Black Label french terry dress in black with wool paneling in front.
12 – Dress above shown with tights.
13 – Black Label medium size tote.
14 – Black Label cropped cardigan in blue boucle over Elemente Clemente black knit dress.


Paper Temples

Paper Temples sweaters have landed from Missouri! Based in St. Louis, Paper Temples specializes in hand made knitwear, exploring techniques such as screen printing, panelling and textile mixing. The knits are unique in design and of high quality, making them pieces that will last a long time in your wardrobe.

As always, give us a call (416) 968-0090 , or send an email to if anything catches your eye. Happy Browsing!

1 – Paper Temples dots and dashes print cardigan, over an Elemente Clemente cotton blouse and Mes Soeur et Moi seersucker pants.
2 – Back of Paper Temples sweater.
3 – Paper Temples hooded knit vest over an Elemente Clemente blouse and stretch cotton tapered pant.
4 – Detail of Paper Temples vest. Features an asymmetric front hem and deep v-neckline with an attached hood.
5 – Back of vest.
6 – Paper Temples 3/4 sleeve striped cardigan over a Black Label long sleeve tee and Tamaki Niime wide leg striped pants.
7 – Back of Paper Temples cardigan. Features an exposed centre back seam.
8 – Striped Paper Temples pullover paired with a Black Label technical pencil skirt.
9 – Paper Temples pocketed cardigan in tan paired with a flax t-shirt and Rundholz mainline drop rise utility pants.
10 – Back of Paper Temples sweater. Features a small pocket on the bottom right side.
11 – Paper Temples circles print pullover sweater, paired with Rundholz Mainline drop rise pants in a stretch technical fabric.
12 – Back of sweater. Features an a-line shape with exposed seams on either side.
13 – Paper Temples pocketed sweater in navy over an Elemente Clemente lantern shape cotton dress.
14 – Flat detail image of Paper Temples pocketed cardigan. Slightly cropped boxy shape, long sleeves, relaxed high neck and pockets on the front and back.


Ready For Rundholz!

1 – Image from Rundholz Mainline look book. This outfit features the flounce jacket and panelled skirt.
2 – Rundholz Mainline short sleeve panelled dress.
3 – Back of the Rundholz flounce jacket. This jacket features long slim sleeves with a buttoned placket, and a wide neck with a collar.
4 – Rundholz Mainline hooded jacket and drop rise sleeveless jumpsuit.
5 – Back of the jacket.
6 – Hood detail on the jacket.
7 – Drop rise sleeveless jumpsuit.
8 – Rundholz Black Label knit cardigan and cotton jersey tee, paired with Rundholz Mainline stretch linen low rise pants.
9 – Rundholz Black label net knit sweater paired with Rundholz Mainline cropped linen pants.
10 – Same Black Label sweater on a model.


11 – Back of cropped linen pant.12 – Black Label dot print tee and technical fabric pencil skirt.