A wave of blue

Spring shipments bring colour to the store, one of them being a selection of beautiful blues from Indigene, a conscious clothing label from Delhi. Indigene translates traditional handcrafting techniques into contemporary aesthetics and styling. It lends a new perspective to that which is “made by hand” and turns it into a larger, yet deeply personal, statement. Indigene clothing is simple, modest yet stylish, keeping the essence of handcraft and fine detailing together, appealing to anyone who is experimental, creative and not bound by social norms and brackets.

An Indigene reversible jacket over a cotton and linen blend Motion top and Flax floods pants.
An Indigene jacket shown with an alternative front.
An Indigene button up top paired with Elemente Clemente denim.
Hand stitched detail of Indigene.
An ombre Indigene jacket styled over a Mama b dress.
A tunic and a jacket from Indigene with a classic Black Label pant.
An cotton Indigene jacket with a timeless Flax top and pants.
Stitching and bias details of the Indigene jacket.
An Indigene dress with a double sided Neeru Kumar scarf.