Bold New Spring Arrivals

New PLU, Samuel Coraux, and Christina Brampti are here for Spring. PLU’s signature bold stripes and classic silhouettes complement Samuel Coraux and Christina Brampti’s bright coloured, unique necklaces.

1 – PLU striped tee paired with their drop rise jersey pant and a colourful Christina Brampti rings necklace.
2 – Back of the outfit. This top has a tie detail at the back neck and a single pleat below it.
3 – Another colour of the Christina Brampti rings necklace.
4 – PLU zip-up hooded jacket over a Mes Soeurs et Moi check cropped jumpsuit, paired with a Christina Brampti necklace.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi crop check jumpsuit. Features a v-neck with a zipper detail down the front.


6 – One size hole sweater over a PLU long line tank and tulle tutu skirt. Accessorized with a dramatic necklace by Christina Brampti.
7 – Light weight Christina Brampti necklace.
8 – One size hole sweater over a PLU long line tank and drop rise french terry pants. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti cord chain link necklace.
9 – PLU outfit featuring the french terry drop rise pant and hoodie in white.
10 – PLU mesh long sleeve top over their long line tank in pink and black wash denim pant. Accessorized with a chunky cord necklace by Christina Brampti.
11 – Samuel Coraux cord and rubber ring necklaces.
12 – Samuel Coraux humorous face necklaces.
13 – Samuel Coraux glass bead necklaces.
14 – One size hole sweater over a Motion cotton mesh tee, paired with PLU denim pants and a Christina Brampti necklace.
15 – PLU denim pants. These stretch denim pants have a slim fit, tapering towards the ankle, and feature distressed details on both legs.