Mellow Yellows

1 – Mes Soeurs et Moi cotton seersucker jacket in ‘Lemonade’ , and check pants paired with a Flax short sleeve linen tee. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti chord necklace.
2 – Same Mes Soeur et Moi jacket in black.
3 – Christina Brampti cord and metal rectangles necklace.


4 – Motion cotton mesh tees paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pants and medium scarf.
5 – Motion relaxed jacket paired with a PLU long line tank and Motion ruched leg pants.
6 – Christina Brampti cord and bead necklace.
7 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve pocket dress with a Christina Brampti necklace.
8 – Reverse side of the Tamaki Niime dress.
9 – Tamaki Niime asymmetric tee and drop rise jean paired with a Sobral necklace.
10 – Christina Brampti cord and metal bars necklace.
11 – Motion embroidered top and relaxed pants. Both are made from light weight parachute fabric.