Open Knits and Graphic Prints

1 – Cotton blend open knit sweater paired with a Porto ruched pencil dress and a Motion cotton mesh tee.
2 – Graphic print tunic top paired with Black Label slim technical pants and a Samuel Coraux necklace.


3 – Back of same tunic tee above.
4 – Open knit sweater in black over a Motion cotton mesh tee, paired with Black Label slim technical pants.
5 – Motion 100% cotton mesh tees in black and rose.
6 – Graphic print t-shirt paired with Elemente Clemente wide leg check pants.
7 – Stand alone image of same graphic print longe sleeve top.
8 – More mesh tees in turquoise and white.
9 – Open knit sweater over a motion mesh tee, paired with a Black Label dot print technical fabric skirt.