rainy day holiday gift giving

flexible bracelets
arm warmers
small shawls
Motion onesize boxy tee in red over Black Label tulle dress
Motion boxy tee in yellow over Black Label tulle dress, with Tamake Niime wool-cotton arm warmers and scarf
small shawls
gold and purple shawl
translucent resin and woven cord necklaces
small shawls
small turquoise shawl
wide pants with a mesh turtleneck
100% cotton mesh turtlenecks
small shawls
Skif sweater over Motion striped sweater with bell pant
heather Skif sweater over Black Label tunic, with leggings
cropped Skif sweater over Motion striped tee and Black Label pants
Skif sweater over cotton skirt by Black Label
striped Skif sweater over Motion tee and vespa pants