– 1 – Murano glass pendants, rubber and wire rings. A necklace made of vintage beads and ribbons.
– 2 – Bright and light resin bead necklaces.
– 3 – Long green necklaces, rubber cord with brushed aluminum beads, and elastic loops linked with metal beads. Assorted rubber and aluminum rings.
– 4 – Lightweight rubber cord necklaces with beads of brushed aluminum and ceramic.
– 5 – Elastic rubber necklaces in sunshine colours, and a rubber cord pendant handmade of ceramic.
– 6 – Adjustable necklaces in rubber cord, with Murano glass beads.
– 7 – Elastic rubber necklace with recycled plastic leaves. Rubber wire rings in many colours.
– 8 – Rubber and Murano glass adjustable necklace, and a vintage beaded necklace. Long elastic rubber necklace in mauves and pinks, with assorted rubber wire rings.