– 1 – Krista Larson striped linen jacket with pin tucks, over Motion lightweight puckered cotton tunic and skirt.
– 2 – Motion short-sleeve bias tee in Aluminum grey. Paired with Tamaki Niime 100% cotton scarf.
– 3 – Motion oversize cropped tee in grey.
– 4 – Motion oversize cropped tees in Khaki, Aluminum, Denim, Black, and Grey.
– 5 – Flax Linen summer dress with pockets. Also available in blossom pink.
– 6 – Flax light linen gauze blouse, over Motion parachute rayon layering tunic. With Flax floods in Natural.
– 7 – Motion crinkled gingham tee in grey with a 100% cotton Tamaki Niime scarf. Paired with Motion reusable cotton mask.
– 8 – Skif cotton-blend summer sweater with Motion cotton tank. Over Flax striped linen pants with pick-up hem.