Summer Bloom

Bright coloured new arrivals of the Motion kimono shirt dress in both the linen and parachute fabric!

1 – Linen kimono shirt dress in absinthe green.
2 – Same linen kimono shirt dress in chartreuse.
3 – Parachute kimono shirt dress in paprika, paired with a Tamaki Niime v-neck cap sleeve dress.
4 – Linen blend dress in paprika.
5 – Amethyst colour kimono shirt dress in the parachute fabric over a Motion bubble dress in the same light weight fabric.
6 – Lavender shirt dress in linen.
7 – Lavender shirt dress in the parachute fabric over a Tamaki Niime v- neck cap sleeve tee and Motion parachute darted pant.
8 – Pacific blue linen shirt dress over a Motion layer tunic and darted pants. .
9 – Turquoise shirt dress in linen.
10 – Sea foam shirt dress in linen over a Motion layering tank and Tamaki Niime cropped wide leg pant. .