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Fresh Jewellery

Fresh new jewellery is in from Christina Brampti and Annemieke. Below is a just a taste of what we have available in store.

If you have any questions give us a call at: 416 968 0090, or email us at:


1 – Christina Brampti short cord necklaces in a variety of colours.
2 – Christina Brampti cord chain link necklaces.
3 – Christina Brampti cords and beads necklace.
4 – Christina Brampti cord rings necklace.
5 – Christina Brampti lightweight cord encased mesh rings necklace.
6 – Annemieke silk, rubber and cord necklace in ‘purple haze’.
7 – Christina Brampti metal bars and long cord necklace.
8 – Christina Brampti chunky cord necklaces. Can be worn long like this, or doubled up so it sits shorter.
9 – Doubled up long cord necklace.
10 – Annemieke fabric, rubber nad cord necklace in ‘indigo ocean’.
11 – Christina Brampti cords and beads necklace.


12 – Annemieke fabric, rubber and cord necklace in ‘printed pearls’.
13 – Christina Brampti cord rings necklace.

Bold New Spring Arrivals

New PLU, Samuel Coraux, and Christina Brampti are here for Spring. PLU’s signature bold stripes and classic silhouettes complement Samuel Coraux and Christina Brampti’s bright coloured, unique necklaces.

1 – PLU striped tee paired with their drop rise jersey pant and a colourful Christina Brampti rings necklace.
2 – Back of the outfit. This top has a tie detail at the back neck and a single pleat below it.
3 – Another colour of the Christina Brampti rings necklace.
4 – PLU zip-up hooded jacket over a Mes Soeurs et Moi check cropped jumpsuit, paired with a Christina Brampti necklace.
5 – Mes Soeurs et Moi crop check jumpsuit. Features a v-neck with a zipper detail down the front.


6 – One size hole sweater over a PLU long line tank and tulle tutu skirt. Accessorized with a dramatic necklace by Christina Brampti.
7 – Light weight Christina Brampti necklace.
8 – One size hole sweater over a PLU long line tank and drop rise french terry pants. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti cord chain link necklace.
9 – PLU outfit featuring the french terry drop rise pant and hoodie in white.
10 – PLU mesh long sleeve top over their long line tank in pink and black wash denim pant. Accessorized with a chunky cord necklace by Christina Brampti.
11 – Samuel Coraux cord and rubber ring necklaces.
12 – Samuel Coraux humorous face necklaces.
13 – Samuel Coraux glass bead necklaces.
14 – One size hole sweater over a Motion cotton mesh tee, paired with PLU denim pants and a Christina Brampti necklace.
15 – PLU denim pants. These stretch denim pants have a slim fit, tapering towards the ankle, and feature distressed details on both legs.

MxM – New Line For Spring

A new line has just landed. MxM is a Lima, Peru based brand that offers exquisite clothing for women that makes a subtle statement. Heavily inspired by Iceland’s landscape, art and culture, MxM’s philosophy is to design well fitted garments crafted from luxurious fabrics that complement everybody.

Below is a selection of their pieces along with some new jewelry. If you are interested in learning more about any of these items, click on the image and it will take you directly to that product on our online store. Happy Browsing!

1 – MxM long sleeve boxy print top in aqua with dots. Made from a lightweight cotton jersey.
2 – Side view of top. Features a large side seam split on either side.
3 – MxM boxy dot print top paired with the relaxed pull on pants. Accessorized with a Christina Brampti necklace
4 – MxM Textured knit sweater paired with Mama b pull on jersey pants, plus a Christina Brampti necklace to finish off the look.
5 – MxM Textured knit sweater in aqua. This lightweight cotton blend knit features a circles and lines pattern thats very textural.
6 – Same sweater in black.
7 – MxM 3/4 sleeve knit cardigan paired with their short sleeved t-shirt and printed pull on pants. Accessorized with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
8 – Beautiful Christina Brampti cord chainlink necklace. Lightweight and has a magnetic closure.
9 – MxM striped knit sweater paired with Mes Soeur et Moi cotton seersucker tapered pants. Accessorized with a Samuel Coraux necklace.
10 – MxM striped knit sweater in black and white stripes. Lightweight cotton/viscose blend top that layers beautifully.
11 – Samuel Coraux rubber loops necklace.
12 – MxM drawstring hem top paired with Oska cotton pants and a Christina Brampti necklace.
13 – MxM drawstring top on a model. There is a drawstring along the front and back hem creating a ruched look if pulled.
14 – MxM dot print tunic top, paired with Porto Vespa pants and a Christina Brampti necklace.
15 – Same MxM printed tunic in the aqua colour way.
16 – Samuel Coraux doodle necklace.
17 – MxM printed t-shirt paired with a Black Label technical pencil skirt and a Samuel Coraux necklace.
18 – MxM short sleeve pocket dress with a Christina Brampti necklace.
19 – MxM printed pull on pants. Comes in aqua as well.
20 – Samuel Coraux rubber coil necklace.
21 – MxM printed swing dress. Features 3/4 length sleeves and is made from light weight cotton jersey.

Open Knits and Graphic Prints

1 – Cotton blend open knit sweater paired with a Porto ruched pencil dress and a Motion cotton mesh tee.
2 – Graphic print tunic top paired with Black Label slim technical pants and a Samuel Coraux necklace.


3 – Back of same tunic tee above.
4 – Open knit sweater in black over a Motion cotton mesh tee, paired with Black Label slim technical pants.
5 – Motion 100% cotton mesh tees in black and rose.
6 – Graphic print t-shirt paired with Elemente Clemente wide leg check pants.
7 – Stand alone image of same graphic print longe sleeve top.
8 – More mesh tees in turquoise and white.
9 – Open knit sweater over a motion mesh tee, paired with a Black Label dot print technical fabric skirt.

More Mama b!

1 – Mama b’s spring/summer 2023 collection illustration by Elisa Talentino.
2 – Sleeveless a-line dress in a cotton check seersucker fabric, paired with a cotton slip in the colour avocado underneath.
3 – Cozy knit cardigan and crinkled cotton pants.


4 – Asymmetric hem tee and crinkled cotton pants. Accessorized with an Annemeike necklace.
5 – Semi sheer linen blend tee. Features a high low hem and 3/4 length sleeves.
6 – Linen blend tee over a short sleeve dress and cotton underskirt.
7 – Motion cotton mesh tees layered over one another paired with Tamaki Niime cotton drop rise pants.
8 – Mama b light weight cotton/linen chambray jacket over a short sleeve tee paired with Oska denim trousers.
9 – Same denim jacket on a model.
10 – A line check dress in black and white. To be worn on its own in warmer weather or layered under and over for early spring.
11 – Mama b cozy cardigan over a cotton jersey t-shirt, paired with crinkled cotton drop rise pants.
12 – Drop rise pant paired with a french terry cotton jacket with a longer back hem.
13 – Back of french terry tail jacket. See Lisa in the Instagram below in this same jacket!

Rundholz Spring is In

New goodies from Rundholz from their Main and Black Label lines are here! Great quality knits and structural technical fabrics in a wide range of silhouettes and colours.

Happy browsing!

1 – Rundholz Mainline paneled coat.
2 – Same Rundholz coat paired with their drop rise pants in the same stretch technical fabric. The coat features in seam pockets, exposed seams, and pin stripe panelled pieces creating a flouncy tulip shape.
3 – Outfit featuring the same Rundholz coat and drop rise pants, paired with two Motion mesh tees layered over one another.
4 – Rundholz Mainline flounce dress. Made from the same stretch technical fabric as the coat.
5 – In seam pocket detail on the dress.
6 – Outfit featuring the same Rundholz dress over a Rundholz Dip mesh tee.
7 – Black Label tailored jacket and drop rise technical pants in a monochrome dot print.
8 – Same Black Label jacket paired with their pencil skirt and printed scarf.
9 – Black Label french terry topper and drop rise printed pant.
10 – Black Label printed technical fabric dress.
10 – Black Label short sleeve fleece hoodie and slim technical fabric pant.
11 – Black Label zippered hoodie and drip rise french terry pant with a Plü long line sleeveless tank.


12 – Black Label hooded jacket and cotton cap sleeve dress.
13 – Front of Black Label cap sleeve dress.
14 – Back of dress.
15 – Black Label short sleeve french terry top and slim check technical fabric pants.
16 – Black Label printed cotton scarf. Comes in multiple colours and prints. 


New From Mes Soeurs et Moi & Tamaki Niime

1 – Mes Soeurs et Moi notch neck layering top. Made from a light weight cotton blend knit.
2 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi button down knit shirt and seersucker ankle pants.


3 – Same button down as previous on a model.
4 – Motion high low hem tee paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pants.
5 – Tamaki Niime tunic top and scarf paired with Oska denim pants.


6 – Back of same top.
7 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi notch neck layering top in pearl grey paired with Tamaki Niime wide leg pants.
8 – Tamaki Niime boxy high low hem knit sweater.
9 – Same Tamaki Niime sweater in a pink colour way.
10 – Tamaki Niime collared blouse and drop rise jean.
11 – Back of blouse.
12 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi striped cropped cardigan over a Mama b drop rise jumpsuit and accessorized with a Tamaki Niime scarf.
13 – Same Mes Soeurs Et Moi cropped cardigan in a black/white striped colour way.
14 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi pocketed pullover knit top.
15 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi v-neck pullover knit top.
16 – Side of Mes Soeurs Et Moi pocket knit top.
17 – Mes Soeurs Et Moi short sleeve cropped pullover.

Mama b Spring – Part 1

Part one of our spring Mama b shipment is in! Want more information on a garment? Click on an image and it will take you to that specific product on our online store. Happy Browsing!


1 – Short sleeve bubble dress with a bright red light weight underskirt.
2 – Back of outfit.
3 – Striped knit cardigan over a short sleeve tee, paired with Oska tapered pants.
4 – Black and cream version of the striped knit cardigan.
5 – Cozy knit asymmetric hem cardigan over a short sleeve tee, paired with cropped check pants.
6 – Back view of check pants.
7 – Cozy high low hem top paired with darted jersey pants.
8 – Same high low hem top on a model.
9 – Cropped cozy asymmetric cardigan over a jersey jumpsuit.

Assortment of Accessories

New accessories have arrived! Marbled resin necklaces by Sobral and boiled wool berets from Kopka will help brighten up any outfit.

Most of these pieces are only available in store right now. If you’d like more information on anything, please give us a call: 416 968 0090 or send us an email : Happy browsing!

1 – Sobral blue marbled necklace.
2 – Kopka berets in blue hues. Made from 100% boiled wool. Mulesing free.
3 – Green marbled necklace by Sobral.
4 – Kopka hats in green hues.
5 – Yellow shapes necklace by Sobral.
6 – Kopka hats in yellow & green hues.
7 – Sobral shapes necklace in red and black.
8 – Kopka berets in red and black hues.
9 – Enclosed rose pendent necklace by Sobral.

Motion Classics – New Arrivals

New arrivals are here from our very own Motion classics line. Whether you’re preparing for spring, or heading to a warmer climate, these pieces will keep you feeling cool and looking stylish. Happy browsing!

*Want more information on a specific garment in this post? Click on the image and it will take to directly to that product in our online store.

1 – Motion cotton/linen v-neck knit tee, paired with ruched cotton/linen woven pants.
2 – 3/4 sleeve swing cardigans in ‘leaf’ and ‘pacific’ colour ways.
3 – Paper temples tonal print sweater paired with Oska relaxed cotton ankle pants.
4 – Motion green check jacket over a cotton mesh tee and Flax linen pants in black.
5 – One size parachute crop top in ‘cucumber’ paired with parachute darted pants.
6 – An assortment of cotton linen blend tees. v-neck tee in ‘leaf’, high-low hem crop tee in ‘ballet pink’ , bias tee in ‘rock’.
7 – Parachute crop paired with drop rise knit pants.



8 – Textured knit pullover paired with Porto slim pants.
9 – 3/4 sleeve swing cardigan paired with a bias tee and ruched pants.



10 – Parachute crop top paired with Flax flood pants in cream.
11 – Long sleeve swing cardigan in ‘Papaya’.
12 – One pocket, sleeveless dress in a medium weight linen.