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A Bright Berry Day

1 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve one size pocket dress in Berry Mix.
2 – Reverse side of dress shown above. Can be worn from front to back.
3 – Tamaki Niime cotton dolman short sleeve tee in Terracotta.
4 – Tamaki Niime relaxed 3/4 sleeve cotton tee in Fuchsia, paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton jean.
5 – Tamaki Niime dolman short sleeve tee in peppered magenta stripe. Paired with Tamaki Niime Midnight Stripe cropped wide leg pant.
6 – Mes Soeurs et Moi 3/4 sleeve flared viscose top paired with Oska cotton knit trousers.
7 – Motion parachute v-neck dress in lavender paired with Motion crinkle cardi in navy.
8 – Motion one size cropped parachute top in amethyst, available in many colours. Paired with parachute square patch pants in navy, and Tamaki Niime cotton gauze scarf.
9 – Tamaki Niime cotton dolman short sleeve tee, paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise cotton pant in Mauve Mix.
10 – Mes Soeurs et Moi viscose flowy charcoal dress.
10 – Tamaki Niime asymmetric 3/4 sleeve top in Turquoise/Navy stripes, paired with Motion crop slim pant in gravel and Tamaki Niime cotton gauze scarf.

Transitional Pieces From Tamaki Niime

As we head into the last couple weeks of August, new Tamaki Niime arrivals will help you make the transition from summer to fall weather. These pieces are great on their own to beat the heat and can also be layered up when it becomes a bit cooler. Lots of beautiful colours and styles — both in the store and online!

1 – Tamaki Niime striped tunic top paired with Porto Verona pants.


2 – Long sleeve cotton shirt dress in teal/red. The dress is collared and has a button down front closure.
3 – Long sleeve v-neck dress in ocean front.
4 – Tamaki Niime cotton gauze scarves in beautiful blues and yellows.
5 – Cotton gauze scarf, dolman short sleeve tee, and drop rise pant. All from Tamaki Niime.
6 – Scarves in oranges and yellows.
7 – Mandarin collared shirt in sunset, over the drop rise denim pant.
8 – Cap sleeve round neck dress in mulch.
9 – Cap sleeve round neck dress in sea spray.


10 – Short sleeve pocketed dress in periwinkle.
11 – Short sleeved pocketed dress in green tea.
12 – Raglan long sleeve top in leaf green.
13 – Raglan long sleeve top in navy/grey stripes.
14 – Asymmetric tee in turquoise and navy stripes.
15 – Some more bright cotton gauze scarves.


16 – long sleeve reversible tee in lavender.
16 – Drop rise cotton pant in mauve mix.

Oska Arrivals

1 – Oska fine cotton twill dress.
2 -Tamaki Niime one of a kind woven cotton tunic. Can be worn front to back.
3 – Oska cotton twill pants with elastic waist. Also available in pewter grey.
4 – Tamaki Niime woven cotton shirt with concealed placket. Paired with Oska wide leg technical microfibre jersey pants.
5 -Back view of Tamaki Niime shirt above.
6 – Oska round neck top in with pocket in navy paired with cotton twill pant. Silk shibori scarf by Bunzaburo.
7 – Oska round neck technical microfibre jersey top in black.
8 – Oska technical microfibre jersey shirt with a small collar in black.
9 – Elemente Clemente pinstripe jacket and black wide leg pant in technical stretch fabric.
10 – Oska cropped wide leg jeans in black denim.
11 – Tamaki Niime woven cotton shirt dress.
12 – Back view of above dress.
13 – Oska garment dyed relaxed jacket in sulphur with matching pant.
14 – Oska knit pants in sulphur.

Flax Staples Are Back

Back again are the highly favoured Flax core pieces for the summer. The reversible polka dots are back in stock in the tunic and back slit tops. Also, a new style has arrived being the Linen Tank Dress in navy. We’ve received floods and ankle pants in black, navy and natural so if you missed out at the beginning of the season, now is your chance!

1 – Flax asphalt dot tunic tank paired with Motion crop slim pant in black.
2 – Back view of same top shown above.
3 – New Flax linen tank dress in navy.
4 – Flax asphalt dot back slit top made from 100% linen.
5 – Flax classic linen ankle pant in black.
6 – Flax wide leg linen floods in natural.
7 – Motion 2-pocket tunic in oat brown, paired with Motion crop slim pant in white.
8 – Motion embroidered parachute top in oat, paired with Elemente Clemente linen tapered trousers.
9 – Mama B striped tank, paired with black Flax linen ankle pant and Flax asphalt gauze cardigan.
10 -Tamaki Niime cap sleeve flared top in cadet green, paired with Motion crop slim pant in natural.
11 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve top in art nouveau, paired with Flax linen ankle pant in cream.
12 -Tamaki Niime cap sleeve dress in gold rush, paired with parachute rayon kimono in oat.

Summer Bloom

Bright coloured new arrivals of the Motion kimono shirt dress in both the linen and parachute fabric!

1 – Linen kimono shirt dress in absinthe green.
2 – Same linen kimono shirt dress in chartreuse.
3 – Parachute kimono shirt dress in paprika, paired with a Tamaki Niime v-neck cap sleeve dress.
4 – Linen blend dress in paprika.
5 – Amethyst colour kimono shirt dress in the parachute fabric over a Motion bubble dress in the same light weight fabric.
6 – Lavender shirt dress in linen.
7 – Lavender shirt dress in the parachute fabric over a Tamaki Niime v- neck cap sleeve tee and Motion parachute darted pant.
8 – Pacific blue linen shirt dress over a Motion layer tunic and darted pants. .
9 – Turquoise shirt dress in linen.
10 – Sea foam shirt dress in linen over a Motion layering tank and Tamaki Niime cropped wide leg pant. .

Summer Sale Continues

1 – Black Label Dip 100% cotton dress with screen printed “Journey to the centre of the EARTH”. Paired with Black Label cotton blend screen printed scarf.
2 – Same scarf as shown above with roadmap pattern.
3 – Black Label 3/4 sleeve cotton knit tee with screen printed design. Paired with Black Label cotton cropped pant.
5 – Rundholz Dip asymmetric dress in cloud.
6 – Black Label sleeveless cotton poplin tunic in pear, paired with black Label drop rise cotton blend trousers.
7 – Black Label cotton panel tee in colour kiwi.
8 – Elemente Clemente short sleeve gathered cotton dress in jade.
9 – Catherine Andre viscose and cotton blend knit cap sleeve pullover, paired with Elemente Clemente seersucker wide leg pants.
10 – Paper Temples knit peplum cardigan paired with Frangines swiss dot cotton skirt and Tamaki Niime cotton gauze scarf.
11 – Rayon cherry scarf. Among many sale scarves available.
12 – Flax 3/4 sleeve linen gathered tunic dress paired with Mes Soeurs et Moi cropped cotton pant and Catherine Andre scarf.
13 – Black Label cotton jumpsuit in melon.
14 – Black label boxy printed top, paired with Black Label low rise pant in french terry also in melon.

Sale in Progress…!

Check out our instagram @motionclothingtoronto !

1 – Elemente Clemente linen sleeveless tunic, paired with Neirami cotton pants and flax linen vest, all on sale.
2 – Moyuru cap sleeve dress in a cotton linen blend, perfect for the summer heat.
3 – Moyuru cap sleeve top in brown tones with Eka khadi cloth cotton scarf.
4 – Mama b cotton stripe tee with lightweight lyocell check pants.
5 – Oska oval shape textured knit top with a flax plaid linen scarf.
6 – Flax easy linen dress, also available in black.
7 – Paper Temples one size peace and love knit sweater.




Summer Solstice

1 – Collection of New sunset coloured Tamaki Niime small cotton gauze scarves.
2 – Motion parachute v-neck top in rayon blend – available in more colours – paired with parachute cropped pants and Tamaki Niime small cotton gauze scarf.

3 – Flax linen pink printed A-line tank. Same as shown above.
4 – Motion rayon blend parachute top in hibiscus paired with Rundholz plaid drop rise pant.
5 – Flax pin tuck linen top in punch paired with Tamaki Niime wide leg pant in scarlet and grey.
6 – Flax A-line tuck dress made from 100% linen in punch.
7 – Flax linen gathered neck dress with side seam pockets.
8 – Flax button up linen blouse in chartreuse.
9 – Flax button up linen blouse in Mediterranean, shown from side view.
10 – Flax asymmetric hemmed linen dress paired with Motion parachute rayon blend kimono in key lime.

Summer Dressing

1 – Tamaki Niime short sleeved pocket dress woven in lightweight cotton. Each dress is one of a kind. Other side of dress as shown above.
2 – Tamaki Niime small scarves in summer pastel colours.
3 – Tamaki Niime short sleeve tee paired with Oska relaxed linen pant.
4 – Same shape as tee shirt above.
5 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeved dress in woven cotton. Can be worn front to back.
6 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve dress in pink and navy stripes.
7 – Tamaki Niime tunic in woven cotton.


8 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve top in woven cotton. Wear it back to front or vis versa.


9 – Tamaki Niime raw edged one size cotton knit tee shirt. Can be worn inside out.

10 – Tamaki Niime V-neck woven cotton boxy top, front and back view.
11 – Tamaki Niime cap sleeve flared top paired with Neirami linen wide leg pant.
12 – Tamaki Niime flared two pocket skirt and cotton dolman short sleeve tee.

A Neutral Palette


1 – Flax linen ensemble;  short sleeve natural gauze cardigan over sleeveless dotted tunic with black ankle pant.
2 – Paper temples asymmetric cardigan in stone.
3 – Flax reversible cap sleeve top shown with Flax floods in natural.
4 – Flax gauze tunic in natural with linen ankle pant.
5 – Theresa Goodall one of a kind ribbon necklace. Strung with a mix of vintage and contemporary beads.
6 – Moyuru cotton striped dress.
7 – Paper Temples boxy pullover with safety pin screened print.
8 – Boxy rayon parachute top paired with Tamaki Niime drop rise pants in cotton. Necklace by Theresa Goodall.
9 – Elemente Clemente linen shirt paired with Oska striped pant.
10 – Flax lightweight linen one pocket top. Paired with Elemente Clemente laser print pant and scarf.
11 – Paper Temples boxy one size sweater with button print.